About our website

Welcome to Loddon History, the website of the Loddon and District Local History Group.

Originally called "Before Your Time", it began as the project of a couple of ladies who collected photographs, memories and stories.

It grew over the years to become a thriving group aiming to bring all things local and historical to a wider audience.

Here you can access some of our photo archive, read about our booklets and publications, find out what is coming up in our monthly group meetings and check out our records of local Monumental Inscriptions.

You can contact us via loddon.history@hotmail.co.uk

This website contains excerpts from our series of booklets written about different aspects of life in Loddon, in Norfolk, in the last century as told to us by local people.

You can look through a sample of our photograph archive which shows how the village and surrounding areas used to look.

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