Chedgrave - All Saints churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2003

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Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
2M4 Adams Frances 72yr 10/??/181? in this vault are deposited the mortal remains of Frances, wife of Joseph Adams of this parish. Also to memory of Joseph Adams late of this parish
2K1 Alexander Alma Elizabeth 86yr 11/11/68
2L2 Alexander Cecil Henry 84yr 02/02/01 husband
2K2 Alexander Jessie 86yr 15/210/1998 wife of William
2K1 Alexander John 79yr 17/07/59 husband & father
2K2 Alexander William 87yr 01/08/00 husband of Jessie
3aE13 Allen Eric 1908 1937 husband
3aE13 Allen Jessie 1906 1990 wife
4A1 Alp Ann 80yr 06/03/27 wife of Frederick Alp
4A1 Alp Frederick 76yr 28/04/27
2S18 Arbourne Ethel Jane 17/12/61 wife of George
2S18 Arbourne George William 66yr 11/09/49 husband of Ethel Jane
*2E5 Bailey Robert William 05/02/37 09/03/91
4B6 Baldwin Edith E 24/08/82 wife to Edward
4B6 Baldwin Edward Charles 04/03/95 27/02/66
1C2 Ball David H A 05/03/03 14/10/77 Yes
4C1 Balls Charles 67yr 20/01/11 husband of Susannah
4B1 Balls Ernest Charles 58yr 11/01/54
4C2 Balls Susannah 90yr 21/01/26
5aA7 Banks Eleanor Brenda 66yr 28/10/83
1I4 Barlow Lucy May 97yr 20/05/03
1A2 Barrell Alfred 69yr 24/12/38 God's will be done, Thine only is the glory
1A2 Barrell Annie 81yr 30/10/50
1A3 Barrell Cecil
3aD1 Barrett Henry? Albert 14/08/17 27/02/1898? Rector of Chedgrave & Vicar of Langley for 42yrs
3aD1 Barrett Jane Francis 83yr 31/01/10
Porch Barrett John 15/12/80 General, who died at Rawul Pindee Punjaub
3aD1 Barrett Noel? Beauchamp Edmund 1862 13/09/70 2nd tomb, very difficult to read
5aC5 Basten Amy Louisa 1906 1996
5aC5 Basten Frank 1909 1977
4T11 Beales Charles 29/11/04 02/03/86 stepfather
4T11 Beales Doris Maud 07/08/10 24/01/93 mother
3bC11 Beckett Alice Elizabeth 89yr 21/05/83
3bC9 Beckett Emma Mary 70yr 11/04/34
2I3 Beckett Evelyn 80yr 09/05/00
3bC11 Beckett Frederick William 50yr 06/06/42
2I3 Beckett Gerald (Gerry) 58yr 04/12/80
3bC10 Beckett William John 67yr 29/01/36
3bC8 Beckett William Noel 32yr 26/01/26 Sergt Instr Royal Artillery
War Mem Beckham Edwin George Hunt RGA
4P2 Bellward John 36yr 15/12/51
4P1 Bellward Mary 83yr 02/08/68 wife
4P2 Bellward Mary 35yr 04/07/51 wife
4P1 Bellward Thomas 78yr 15/01/58
North path Bellward Thomas 26yr 27/05/66 oldest son of John & Mary Bellward
North path Bellward William Henry 8yr 07/05/53 youngest son of John & Mary Bellward
2F9 Bettison Lily 73yr 02/07/72
2F9 Bettison Victor George 65yr 27/03/82 Husband of Lily
4F1 Bircham Anthony G A (Tony) 27/08/28 24/02/95 husband
4F2 Bircham Bertie 21/11/06 22/09/87
4F3 Bircham George Edward 68yr 17/08/70 husband & father
4F3 Bircham Gertrude Esther 85yr wife, mother, grandmother
5aB4 Birkett-Stubbs Granville 1933 1987 husband & father
4H4 Bishop (nee Powley) Blanche Mary 97yr 02/03/82 nee Powley
2J2 Blake Alice 96thyr 24/05/88 wife of Bertie
2J2 Blake Bertie 70yr 09/05/61 husband of Alice
5aE1 Blake James Neville 69yr 05/07/95 husband, dad & granddad
2N9 Blaza Arnold 08/04/94 28/06/94 infant son of George & Caroline Blaza
2N10 Blaza Caroline Ruth 18/11/86 20/10/99 3 footstones including one MAG 1877
3aE11 Blaza Edith Mary 71yr 22/11/94 mum, Nan & Gt Nan; reunited with George Albert Blaza
3aF9 Blaza George Albert 58yr 14/07/76 form Edith his wife & Jane Anne his daughter
3aF8 Blyth Francis Jane 24/07/01 16/08/49
3aE16 Blyth Frederick Charles 07/01/25 30/03/99
3aF8 Blyth Frederick James 75yr 30/03/70
3aF15 Blyth James 65yr 27/10/85
3aF12 Blyth Joyce Marion 87yr 04/10/97 wife
3aF10 Blyth June Evelyn 15yr 28/11/54
3aF12 Blyth William Edward 48yr 13/07/74 husband
3aB2 Borsham? John Very poor condition
4Q11 Bowden Eric 16/07/83
4Q11 Bowden Mary wife of Eric
2N16 Brady Edith Mary 57yr 30/09/42 wife of Ernest Brady
4U6 Branch Eliza 11/12/81 Eldest daughter of the late Samuel Edwards of Garboldisham
4U8 Branch Mary 81yr 25/01/76 wife of Robert
4U7 Branch Robert 82yr 11/02/75
5aB16 Brewster Pauline Ann 48yr 27/09/85 wife, mother & nan
1K7 Briggs Abigail 79yr 04/11/78 Wife
1K9 Bright Abigail 73yr 13/02/45 Wife of Richard
1K9 Bright Richard 77yr 19/01/44 Husband of Abigail
3aD12 Brighton Harry 1920 1996
2B1 Brooke Althea Monica 81yr 08/06/94 wife & mother
2H10 Brooke Anne 6yr 19/07/54
5aF2 Brooke Dorothy Ethel 11/03/04 29/06/96
2B1 Brooke Wilfred Howard 89yr 06/05/99 Husband of Althea
'4E1 Broom Arthur Stanley 74yr 25/05/82
'4E1 Broom Mabel Lilian 68yr 11/02/79
1F1 Broughton-Fairhead John 3mth ??/02/??
1L8 Brown James 10mth 11/10/20 also their son (Samuel & Mary Brown)
1L9 Brown Mary 14/02/80 Wife of Samuel
1L8 Brown Mary Ann 14thyr 04/08/36 Blessed daughter of Samuel & Mary Brown
1L9 Brown Samuel 73yr 24/04/66 Husband of Mary
3aF7 Brown Powell John Henry 87yr 30/01/37
1C17 Burgess Agnes Elizabeth 21yr 16/07/67 Date on footstone
1D17 Burgess Edward 72yr 25/07/20
1C18 Burgess Henry 20/09/46 14/01/79 Verse
1C16 Burgess James 28yr 19/08/81
1C15 Burgess Jane Elizabeth 79yr 03/01/03 Wife of John Burgess...
1C17 Burgess Jane Elizabeth 21yr 19/08/65 Verse; by A E Burgess
1C19 Burgess William 26/08/58 11/04/87 Yes
*1E11 Burton Alfred 26/03/07 Died in London, buried in Brompton Cem
1H12 Burton Ellen 76yr 07/12/????
1H12 Burton Emma 71yr
1C10 Burton George 61yr 19/02/71 In the midst of life...
*1E11 Burton Maria
*1E11 Burton Thomas 10/08/67
5aF4 Butler Harry 83yr 11/09/97
1M9 Cannell Ethel Waters 21/06/06 17/04/00 dear sister of Geoffrey Cannell
1M9 Cannell Frances Mabel 24/01/01 09/08/59
1M9 Cannell Geoffrey George 81yr 25/08/82
3aD18 Cannell Michael Frederick
1J7 Cannell Sarah 51yr 21/05/29 Wife of James Cannell
4C5 Carr Henry Arthur 58yr 04/04/68
4C5 Carr Ruby Kathleen 65yr 05/11/87
4S5 Carver James 03/06/85
1N6 Cater Ethel Maud 92yr 04/04/79 wife of Walter
1N6 Cater Walter 71yr 04/03/59
2I8 Cave Louise 1905 1980
2I8 Cave Ralph 1905 1989
3bD12 Cavendish Rachel 13/10/82 25/06/39
5aC4 Chapman Frederick Arthur 24/02/77
2G7 Chapman May Victoria 05/09/95
2G7 Chapman Valentine 70yr 10/01/73 loving husband
5aA5 Charman Jack reunited 04/05/1992
5aA5 Charman Joan reunited 04/05/1992
4T4 Chipperfield Charles 16mnth 10/07/85 son of Charles & Mary Chipperfield
5aE4 Christie Gilbert 07/06/14 14/03/96 husband, father & grandfather
1J11 Clarke Alfred Walter 10/05/32 22/03/97 Loved husband, son & Grandad
3aF4 Clarke Ellen 63yr 24/04/34
1J12 Clarke Emily 97yr 20/08/99 Dearly loved parents, grandparents & great grandparents
1J12 Clarke Henry Thomas 82yr 21/06/81
1J13 Clarke Susannah 87yr 04/02/56
1J13 Clarke Walter 67yr 13/05/32
2P9 Clarke William 77yr 05/02/35
3bD15 Clarke BSc E Margaret 04/03/21 03/11/00
4J13 Cleveland Jane Mary 28thyr 24/06/06 top half in 1981
North path Cleveland Jane Mary 28thyr 24/06/06 broken, leaning on wall
4J13 Cleveland Mary 79yr 28/08/28
3aE0 Cook Sarah 78yr 11/03/94
3bA12 Cooper Alfred George 74thyr 02/01/31
3bA10 Cooper George Alfred 44yr 04/10/22
3bA11 Cooper Georgiana 67yr 11/10/26
3aD9 Copling Louisa 28yr 09/12/78
4P7 Cossey Emily 64yr 18/04/18
5aB11 Crisp Ada Amelia 08/1895 01/05/88 dear mum & dad
North path Crisp Ann 81yr 13/01/26 wife of Edward
4J2 Crisp Anne 70yr 04/01/32 wife of John Crisp
1D11 Crisp Caroline 19yr 17/04/15
1C14 Crisp Charles 187?
1A19 Crisp Daniel 82yr 15/09/07 Verse
North path Crisp Edward 59yr 06/10/??
2P5 Crisp Edwin 1798?
1C13 Crisp Elizabeth 01/08/42 02/10/84 Yes
1C14 Crisp Harriett 187?
1D12 Crisp Jane 27yr 1869
1D13 Crisp John 67yr 20/01/05
4J1 Crisp John 23/02/44 04/04/29 respected inhabitant of this parish
4J3 Crisp John 36yr 24/04/12 son of John & Deborah Crisp
2P1 Crisp M John ?6yr 06/06/97 who was in trade 69yr in this parish....
5aB11 Crisp William Arthur 02/1895 1978
1B1 Cumbers John Alan 01/01/37 15/01/83 Until eternity John
4F5 Cumby Ann 67yr 27/05/63 wife of William Cumby
4F6 Cumby Ann 18thyr 25/07/45 daughter of William & Ann Cumby
3bC13 Cumby Frederick Henry 08/11/00 24/07/62
3bC13 Cumby Laura May 25/06/03 01/10/82
4F7 Cumby Susannah 11mth 18/07/34 second daughter of William & Ann Cumby
4F7 Cumby Susannah 11mth 13/06/36 third daughter of William & Ann Cumby
4F4 Cumby William 69yr 25/10/65
4G4 Curtis Francis Daniel 71yr 02/10/58
*1E16 Curtis Simon 55yr 22/01/10 Verse
1C9 Daines Arthur Isaac 02/04/56 27/12/56 Dearly loved child of Isaac & Mary Daines.......
1C9 Daines Isaac 96yr 24/05/23 Beloved husband of Mary, at rest.
1C9 Daines Mary 03/02/31 24/05/08 Beloved wife of Isaac Daines......
3aE15 Darlow Herbert Norman 25/02/24 07/09/96
3aB1 Dawe Richard 66yr 1751
2L10 Dawson Myra Kathleen 08/03/07 daughter of Emma Dawson
3bB10 Dennington Esther 95yr 08/03/37
3bB9 Dennington Nath -l 72yr ??/06/1812
4D1 Dickinson Alice 81yr 26/10/89 Wife of John
4D1 Dickinson John H 80yr 17/04/88 husband, dad, & Granddad
3aE2 Digweed George Alfred 1901 1992 husband & father
3aE2 Digweed Mabel Eve 1903 1986 wife & mother
North path Dowe Elizabeth 20yr 23/05/36 daughter of James & Mary Dowe
4S4 Dowe John 63yr 25/01/89
4S6 Dowe Mary Ann 72yr 02/02/92
2C6 Downer Mervyn Fred 29/11/32 06/03/97
*2E2 Doy Alice 66yr 01/02/42 wife of William
*2E4 Doy Charles 13yr 30/12/51 Son of William & Elles (Alice?) Doy
*2E4 Doy Eliza in infancy Daughte of William & Elles (Alice?) Doy
2C3 Doy Emma 28yr 11/05/82 Daughter of George & Caroline Doy
*2E4 Doy Mary Ann in infancy Daughter of William & Elles (Alice?) Doy
3bD10 Dupuis Charles Edward 80yr 18/10/44 of Chedgrave Manor
3bD11 Dupuis Brown Amy Rachel 66yr 22/06/34
5aB17 Dutton Charles 88yr 22/06/86 dear husband
4M3 Dye Louis Robert 72yr 25/01/77 husband of May
4M3 Dye May Florence 75yr 17/09/86 wife of Louis
4V4 Eagling George 01/01/11 30/01/97
4V4 Eagling Olive Maud 26/09/12 12/06/94 wife , mum & Nan
North path Easter Elizabeth 73yr 09/03/06 wife of Philip Tammis Easter
War Mem Easter Free Nfk Reg
North path Easter Philip Tammis 79yr 18/01/15
1K8 Ecclestone William 46yr 26/02/40
4C8 Edmunds Charles Leslie 22/06/98 24/12/64
4C8 Edmunds Ellen 1904 1995
3aE1 Ellis Beryl Doreen 47yr 26/08/70 wife & mother
1J4 Ellis Edward 42yr 29/06/09 Beloved husband of Anna Ellis + verse
4G8 Ellis Eliza 21yr 18/04/56 daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth Ellis
2H6 Ellis Elizabeth 62yr 28/05/04 Relict of Clement Ellis
3aE1 Ellis George William 67yr 05/02/87 husband & father
5aF3 Emerson Ernest 24/02/18 14/02/97
1C2 Escolme Elizabeth Rodger 83yr 13/10/53
'4E8 Fairhead Alfred Victor 3yr 28/01/07 son of George & Sarah Fairhead
4L9 Fairhead Gladys Grace 59yr 22/09/66
'4E8 Fairhead Herbert William 15/06/11 11/10/11 son
'4E7 Fairhead Richard 65yr 31/12/96
'4E6 Fairhead Sarah Ann 53yr 17/05/94 wife of Richard
'4E8 Fairhead Sarah Ann 5yr 18/01/07 daughter of George & Sarah Fairhead
4L9 Fairhead William Alfred 86yr 04/07/88 husband & Dad
3aD17 Fell Alfred Edgar 84yr 07/03/03 husband
3aD17 Fell Betty Irene 73yr 10/02/77 wife
1L7 Fenn Robert W 26/10/61
1M3 Finch Kathleen Emily Elizabeth 95yr 05/02/94
1R1 Forder Eliza ?/?/1788
1H1 Forder Elizabeth 18yr 16/12/54 Second daughter of George & Maria Forder
1H2 Forder Elizabeth 16mth 28/05/36 Sister of George same grave
2J5 Forder Elizabeth 75yr 14/05/54
1H2 Forder George Infant Brother of Elizabeth
2J4 Forder John?
1H4 Forder Maria 29/05/08 14/03/65 Wife of George
1H3 Forder Mary Ann 18yr 12/01/59 Fourth daughter of George & Maria Forder
2J5 Forder Thomas 90yr 08/06/45
2J4 Forder William 39yr 25/??/1830 Wm son of Thomas & Elizabeth
3aF2 Frankland Cecil Edward 69yr 28/10/83
3aE2 Frankland Edmund George 64yr 22/12/44
4N6 Frankland Edna Gladys 63yr 25/12/92
3aE2 Frankland Ethel Eve 74yr 24/04/58 wife
3aF3 Frankland Stanley George 67yr 02/10/82 brother
1G3 Frary Alice Amelia 86yr 09/06/83 Wife of Victor; Reunited
2H2 Frary Blanche Emily 65yr 13/07/70 wife & mother
3aA7 Frary Emma 67yr 07/09/47
3aA7 Frary Jessie Ellen 32yr 04/11/09
1G2 Frary Kenneth 1yr ??????? Until the dawn
2H3 Frary Olive Mary 60yr 24/04/74
1G3 Frary Victor Charles 66yr 28/11/56
2H3 Frary William Victor 70yr 20/08/73 husband of Olive
3aC2 Fraser George 77yr 12/07/85 late captain of Dragoon Guards, Regiment Carabineers
2G1 Frodick Lily Elizabeth Beatrice 30/07/09 15/04/93 dear wife, mother & grandma
2C2 Frosdick Albert C H 85yr 26/07/00 dear husband & dad
2G1 Frosdick Alfred Joseph 31/07/13 15/12/95 husband, dad & gdad
3aE12 Frosdick Beryl Juliana 55yr 12/08/92 wife, mother & grandmother
1H15 Frosdick Cecil Henry 88yr 19/06/88 Husband of Hilda
2B2 Frosdick Charles 80yr 01/05/67 Husband of Florence
East path Frosdick Elizabeth 27yr 30/12/18
3aD16 Frosdick Evelyn Joyce 84yr 16/01/97 wife
2B2 Frosdick Florence 63yr 05/02/53 Wife of Charles
2F1 Frosdick Gladys Caroline 19yr 01/01/61
3aE12 Frosdick Herbert George 75yr 31/08/02 husband, father & grandfather
1H15 Frosdick Hilda Jane 87yr 01/10/85 Wife of Cecil
2B3 Frosdick Leonard 72yr 20/01/92 TMO dear husband,dad & gdad
2C2 Frosdick Norma 58yr 04/10/79 dear wife & mother
3aD16 Frosdick Richard Edward 51yr 06/10/62 husband
3aF5 Frost Albina 61yr 24/09/37 wife
4R10 Frost Annie 1900 1984 wife of Morris
3aD3 Frost Harry 75yr 13/11/94 husband
3aD3 Frost Iris Mary 74yr 02/03/94 wife
3aF5 Frost James Edward 63yr 19/01/36 husband
3aF13 Frost James Edward 71yr 09/04/75
4R10 Frost Morris James 1895 1991
4G5 Frost William James 80yr 06/03/44
4D4 Fulcher Charlotte 57yr 17/12/47 wife of James
4D3 Fulcher James 75yr 11/08/61
4A2 Fuller Bessie 62yr 25/12/27 wife of James
4A2 Fuller James 90yr 31/12/60
War Mem Fuller James John Nfk Reg
4L2 Futter Iris Agnes 71yr 28/11/88
4L2 Futter William 74yr 24/12/82
2H7 Galer Elsie 57yr 18/04/76
1C3 Galer James Smith 23/??/1871 Eldest son of James & Mary Galer
4L4 Galer Nicola Mary 10/06/17 19/07/95 wife of George - mother,grandma,nan,sister,daughter
5aB2 Gallon Matilda Eliza 86yr 22/12/88
2J15 Garrood Arthur Wheelhouse 1887 son of Charles & Sarah
2J15 Garrood Charles John 1907 husband of Sarah Ann
2J15 Garrood Charles Wheelhouse 1928 at Sunderland, Son of Charles & Sarah
2J15 Garrood Joseph Wheelhouse 1911 Son of Charles & Sarah
2J15 Garrood Margaret Annie 1877 daughter of Charles & Sarah
2J15 Garrood Marjory Wheelhouse 1901 daughter of Charles & Sarah
2J15 Garrood Mary Emmeline 1909 daughter of Charles & Sarah
2J15 Garrood Sarah Ann 1904 wife of Charles
2G5 Gibbons Winifred Ellen 93yr 27/08/03
4G2 Gilbee Phyllis 11yr 1911 daughter of Matthew & Florence Gilbee
3aE3 Gilbert Alfred son of Rev J D Gilbert MA of Chedgrave Manor House
2I1 Gilbert Anne 82yr 10/02/24 of Loddon, Sp???
Inside floor Gilbert Elizabeth 70yr 24/12/75 Wife of Thomas
*1E7 Gilbert Florence Margaretta 09/08/87
*1E7 Gilbert John 84yr 18/07/62
Inside floor Gilbert John 85yr 06/10/18 Gent, of this parish
*1E7 Gilbert John David 26/06/18 11/06/79
*1E7 Gilbert Mary Ann 36yr 22/??/1844
Inside floor Gilbert Robert 24/11/71
2I1 Gilbert Thomas 25yr? 21/08/98 of Hardley, Gent
2I1 Gilbert Thomas 77yr 28/01/07 of Loddon, Gent
Inside floor Gilbert Thomas 57yr 17/09/49 Husband of Elizabeth
2I1 Gilbert William 63yr? 16/10/98 of Hardley, Gent
4N2 Giles Elsie 1897 1979
4N2 Giles Ronald 1921 1940 son, lost at sea aged 19yr
4N2 Giles Sydney 1897 1979 husband
4K8 Gilingwater Walter 62yr 22/11/43 husband of Louisa
4K8 Gillingwater Louisa 59yr 14/10/41 wife of Walter
2C4 Gillingwater Valentine 37yr 19/11/86
4Q10 Gladden Ian Stuart 59yr 19/01/84 husband, dad & granddad
1G4 Goffin Rev John Henry 74yr 04/01/96 of Chedgrave-late of Hardley......
4L5 Good Irene Violet 59yr 30/03/80
3bC3 Goodson Arthur J 54yr 12/07/49
3bC4 Goodson Kate from her brothers & sisters
1M7 Goodyear Agnes B 91yr 05/05/76
War Mem Goodyear Stanley Douglas Dorset Reg
1M6 Goodyear Stephen 82yr 03/04/59 husband & father
War Mem Goulty Robert Richard RAF
4Q1 Gowing John 73yr 03/07/86
3aD11 Graves Charlotte 6yr 14/01/58
3aD11 Graves Ellen 15yr 06/08/62 daughter of Henry & Susannah
3aD10 Graves Henry 79yr 17/03/99 husband
3aD10 Graves Susanna 81yr 08/03/03 widow
3bB11 Greaves Mary 72yr 21/02/41 wife
3bB12 Greaves Sarah 80yr 13/03/30
3bB11 Greaves Thomas Mendham Charles 59yr 12/09/24
1C8 Grimson Maud Ellen 4mth 13/07/88 Beloved infant daughter of George C & Laura Grimson
2R5 Gryer Joseph 62yr 12/11/51
4M10 Halesworth Rosa Ellen 87yr 23/02/88 wife of William
4M10 Halesworth William Joseph 72yr 13/04/67 husband of Roas
4D2 Hall Charlotte 60yr 17/01/90 wife of Henry Hall
4T12 Halliday Edith Ritchie 62yr 08/12/73
4R11 Halliday Gerald Moore 75yr 29/09/85
4R11 Halliday Josephine Olive 76yr 17/03/98 wife of Gerald
4T12 Halliday Thomas David 81yr 23/12/87
5aB15 Hanner Hilda Mabel 82yr 24/03/98 wife, mum & granny
5aB15 Hanner Victor Herbert 70yr 03/01/85 husband, dad & granddad
4L4 Harding Florence Mary Jane 18/06/99 29/07/89 wife of Alfred
2P6 Harper Catherine 44yr 20/04/87 wife of Richard
2P4 Harper Richard
2P4 Harper Sarah 67yr 10/07/04 wife of Richard
3bD4 Harrod Ethel Emily 69yr 07/05/46
3bD5 Harrod Lily Charlotte 19/11/58
3bD2 Harrod Susan 85yr 26/03/32
3bD3 Harrod Thomas 33yr 12/08/79 who was drowned fron the yacht Oasis
5aB3 Harrowell Constance Maud 14/08/14 24/02/94 dear sister
2Q12 Harvey Albert Edward 80thyr 06/10/66
2Q12 Harvey Alice Maud 78thyr ??/06/1953
3aA3 Harvey Edward 11yr son
3aA3 Harvey Edward Senior 1824
5aF5 Harvey Elsie May 80yr 30/04/00 mum & nan
4K10 Harvey Horace 72yr 15/12/76 husband of Maud
3aA1 Harvey M 49yr 1804 wife of Edward Harvey
4K10 Harvey Maud 71yr 30/09/74 wife of Horace
4L10 Harvey Roger Horace 19yr 10/06/66 younger son of Maud & Horace Harvey, brother of Jean & John
3bC17 Hayto Emma Maud 80yr 09/07/87
4P6 Hemp Sylvia 51yr 02/12/90 wife & mother of Joe & Brian
3aC1 Herring Rachel Dorothy 1yr 4mth ??/04/1885
2R10 Hewitt Eva 1894 1985
4L3 Heys James 58yr 11/05/28
3aD4 Hobbs Martin Peter 19/05/65 26/08/95
4H14 Hoddy Alice 71yr 24/01/31
4H15 Hoddy Amelia 75yr 19/05/25 wife of Major Magee Hoddy
2Q1 Hoddy Beatrice Louisa 31yr 14/12/10 daughter of Edgar & Sarah Hoddy
4H13 Hoddy Benjamin Thomas 58yr 28/07/19 wife of Alice Hoddy
4H10 Hoddy Caroline 58yr 16/11/81 wife of John Pallant Hoddy
4H8 Hoddy Dolphin Magee Jeremiah 67yr 05/08/13 63rdyr in 1981
4K1 Hoddy Edgar 74yr 27/08/99
4K5 Hoddy Edgar 74yr 18/11/61
4H7 Hoddy Ethel Lottie 83yr 21/06/63
4H12 Hoddy James Magee Whitwood 70yr 03/11/13
4H9 Hoddy John Pallant 69yr 04/11/86
4J15 Hoddy John Pallant Magee 68yr 12/04/23
4J16 Hoddy Louisa 60yr 25/01/24
4H11 Hoddy Major Magee 54yr 31/05/03 husband of Amelia Hoddy
4K7 Hoddy Mary 30yr 24/04/45 daughter of Edgar & Rachel Hoddy
4K6 Hoddy Rachel 65yr 15/01/55 wife of Edgar Hoddy
3aC3 Hodge Marjorie Doreen 81yr 30/05/96
3aC3 Hodge Samuel Gordon 83yr 06/04/95
2N8 Holland Stanley George 25/04/10 05/03/19 dl son of George & Ethel Holland
5aE3 Hollis Dorothy May 27/09/18 10/11/95 my gal & dear wife
1N5 Holmes Charles Arthur 11yr 9mth 29/05/03 son of George & Sarah Holmes
4D1 Holmes Ethel 98yr 14/07/78
'4E2 Holmes Ethel 98yr 14/01/78
1P3 Holmes George William 85yr 06/02/42
1P3 Holmes Sarah 85yr 08/11/50
1N2 House Fred 74yr 30/12/64
1N2 House Hilda May 62yr 26/08/63
2J3 Howard Anie 85yr 06/08/92 wife of Harry
2J3 Howard Harry Thomas 60yr 28/01/60 husband of Annie
2M3 Howlett George 80yr 28/03/85
2M3 Howlett Hilda May 53yr 02/05/56
5aC1 Humphreys Eleanor 08/11/13 07/09/73
5aA2 Hunt Christopher Jason 20yr 28/02/89 son of Terry & Daphne Hunt
3aD19 Ince Joseph Patrick 13/07/10 01/06/99
3aE7 Irons Rosamund 28/12/17 11/06/02 wife, mum & nan
1C7 Isbill Edward F 35yr ??/??/1885 Husband of Ellen E Isbill
2F10 Ives Laura 13/09/72
3aD13 Jackson Doreen 1938 2000
*1E1 Jeffrey Cissy 15mth 23/07/04 Verse
2L8 Jermy Martha 37yr 12/02/07
2N3 Jillings Dorothy 24/01/20
2N3 Jillings Lewis John 13/02/21
2N3 Jillings Ronald 8/16 killed in action
4G1 Jones Christine 7yr 04/07/61
4F10 Jones Janes 76yr 28/04/15
1K11 Kerison Charlotte 88yr 05/03/90
1K10 Kerrison Samuel 46yr 10/11/52
3aF6 Kiddle Edgar Allan 85yr 21/02/98 husband
3aF6 Kiddle Eva Patricia 72yr 01/06/88 wife
3aE6 Kiddle Michael 52yr 26/07/94
1M4 Kilborne Anna Marion 92yr 29/05/81 dear wife & mother
1M4 Kilborne Thomas William 79yr 27/12/65 dear husband & father
1J14 Killington Charles 34yr 27/08/62 Son of Sarah & George, accidentally drowned
1J14 Killington George Edward 74yr 31/08/55 Husband of Sarah
1J14 Killington Sarah 92yr 23/01/73 Wife of George
2P16 King Harriet 37yr 14/11/18 wife
2H12 Kinnair Mary Elizabeth 33yr 18/06/76
5aA4 Lake Ada Lily 1905 1991
3aC7 Lake Frederick Edward 88yr 14/12/00 husband
5aA4 Lake William 1910 2000 husband
4M12 Latchford Florence Elizabeth 60yr 22/12/66 wife of Fred
4M12 Latchford Fred James 80yr 18/04/87 husband of Florence
1K6 Lawson Sidney Charles 70yr 22/07/84
2F6 Leach Thomas 66yr 02/06/72
2F6 Leach Violet Rose 81yr 16/12/92
3aE8 Lee Emma 91yr 15/04/33
2Q5 Lees Ann 88yr 06/02/15
2Q5 Lees James Samuel 79yr 06/05/50
2Q5 Lees? Teresa Olive 54yr 04/09/51 cremation stone
1B2 Lewis Graham 06/10/38 13/11/83 Alive in the hearts of those who loved him
2F4 Lilley Harriet Julia 86yr ??/03/1959
2P4 Lilley Harriet Julia 86yr 3/59 grandmother
5aB9 Lindfield Robert Donald 69yr 06/02/90
5aB9 Lindfield Robert M 37yr 08/11/80
5aB1 Linley Mary Jane 14/11/12 24/10/81 the wife he adored
5aB1 Linley Roger Alan 20/08/08 05/10/01
4V6 Littlewood Beryl Mary 57yr 16/03/93
1J8 Long Margaret Daisy 94yr 09/09/84 Dear Mum & Nan
4K9 Lovick Irene Louise 60yr 27/12/69 wife of Stanley
4K9 Lovick Stanley Federick 86yr 07/02/92
2A1 Lurkins David John 05/03/69 17/07/98
3bD9 Lynes George 80yr 20/12/56
3bD9 Lynes Happy 81yr 06/02/56
4M2 Mackerell George 71yr 12/07/80 husband of Marjorie
4M2 Mackerell Marjorie 88yr 27/04/98 wife of George
Inside floor Margerom Benj 46yr 20/12/65 husband, late of this parish
Inside floor Margerom Mary 34yr 01/11/50
South path Margerom Rob Will ?18?15yr 13/03/25
5aA3 Mayes Edith Maud 86yr 06/07/91 dear sister and aunt
5aC2 Meadows James 74yr 06/05/78 husband
5aC2 Meadows Winifred L 67yr 21/11/74
4H1 Melton Elizabeth 66thyr 27/08/49 wife of William Melton
4H2 Melton Samuel 63yr 17/01/71 husband of Sarah Melton, died in Loddon
4H3 Melton Sarah 73yr 14/08/76
'4E4 Mills Martha 60yr 18/11/65 wife of Samuel
'4E3 Mills Samuel 46yr 31/10/45
'4E4 Mills Samuel 18yr 18/07/49 son of Martha & Samuel
1K3 Mitchell Alice Louisa 15yr 29/04/97 Daughter
5aB5 Mitchell Betty Mary 19/09/21 19/03/83
1K2 Mitchell John 51yr 20/02/96 Husband
4B3 Moore Herbert 76yr 27/06/42
3aB7 Moore Richard 58yr 23/06/22 late of Langley
2R2 More Alfred Playford 12yr 24/12/57 youngest child of Robert & Louisa More
2R2 More Maria 11thyr 24/06/41 daughter of Robert & Louisa More & gdaughter of Robert & Martha Playford
1D1 Mortimer Alfred George 19/03/03 19/10/92 Husband of Violet
1D1 Mortimer Violet 16/03/09 19/04/96 Wife of Alfred
3aE5 Napp Alice Harriet 5 mths 13/09/03 infant daughter
3aE5 Napp Harriet 36yr 20/07/03 wife
1H16 Nicholls Ellen May 92yr 21/06/84 Loving wife, mother & grandmother
1H11 Nobbs Frederick James 60yr 04/06/62
1H11 Nobbs Grace 84yr 20/09/90 Daughter of George & Ida Burton - reunited
3aD2 Owen George Fredk 77yr 30/06/93
5aB12 Owens Florence Maude Peggy 1916 1987 reunited with Michael & Rose Owen 1916 & 1991
1H10 Page Susannah 89thyr 23/01/81
2M1 Parsons Dorothy Esther 86yr 30/12/90 beloved wife (of Reginald) & mother
2D6 Parsons Joe 70yr 02/08/78
2M1 Parsons Reginald Edward 68yr 23/09/71 dear husband (of Dorothy)and father
2L3 Parsons Rosa Ellen 82yr 08/07/54 wife of Walter
2L3 Parsons Walter John 82yr 28/02/62 husband of Rosa
1H17 Patterson Ethel May 81yr 05/01/86 Wife of William
1H17 Patterson William Alfred 82yr 04/06/81 Husband of Ethel
5aEast1 Penn Eric 62yr 06/09/02 husband, da, granddad. This is odd one around corner
2J6 Perkins Francis 66yr 07/01/62
3aE8 Perry Joan M 31yr 07/06/54
3aE8 Perry William H 42yr 17/12/33
*1E8 Pert Hannah 19/10/47 17/08/89 Verse
1H14 Philips Susannah 68yr 28/10/88 Widow of the late Major W E Philips
5aD1 Pipe Leonard Ernest 05/04/25 17/08/92 husband
2S6 Playforth Elizabeth 46thyr 25/12/78 wife of Henry Playforth...
2R3 Playforth Henry 85yr 24/05/42
2S5 Playforth Henry 24/??/1881?1821? footstone not his? Reused?
2S3 Playforth Martha ??03/1840 wife of Robert Playforth. footstone RP 1848
2S2 Playforth Robert 84yr? 28/10/1818? footstone HP. Could be his footstone with Martha? DoD 1848
2S1 Playforth Sarah 88yr 03/11/26 wife of William + footstone ER 1875 (Emily Riches?)
2S4 Playforth Thomas 80yr 23/02/39
2S1 Playforth William 87yr 10/10/26
1H8 Plumptom Sarah 58thyr 04/06/87
5aF1 Poole *May 01/05/20 04/06/96 mum & dad
5aF1 Poole Jim 03/05/20 08/05/77
2F11 Potter Edwin Charles 87yr 16/02/83 Husband & Father
2F11 Potter Sarah Anne 72yr 26/03/73 Wife & Mother
4H4 Powley Charlotte Emma 30yr 03/05/95 wife of Richard Powley
4H4 Powley Richard 56yr 23/09/16 for 8yrs personal servant of the late Sir Reginald Beauchamp, Bart.
2F7 Price Robert 19/09/87
North path Randlesome James 21yr 24/10/68 son of James & Sarah Randlesome
5aG1 Redding Edmund John 1912 2002
2G11 Rennie Anne (Nancy) 51yr 01/05/78 devoted wife & mother
2R1 Riches Emily 70yr 15/02/75 eldest daughter of Robt & Martha Playford & wife of Henry J Riches
2K10 Riches Henry 42yr 21/12/21
2K11 Riches Henry Valentine 1846 from footstone
1H9 Riches Mary 25yr 23/06/52 Daughter of John & Mary Stimpsom
3bC12 Ringwood Agnes Florence 66yr 10/02/79
3bB14 Ringwood Albert Edward 80yr 16/02/86
3bD13 Ringwood David 83yr 23/02/98 husband, Dad & granddad
3bC15 Ringwood Emma 65yr 23/03/40
3bC15 Ringwood Herbert James 78yr 25/08/51 husband
3bB14 Ringwood Rosie May 90yr 31/10/97
4V7 Ritchings Cyril Montague 1901 1964 both of South London
4V7 Ritchings Winifred May 1908 1990
4V5 Rivett Lily May 25/03/96 14/05/94
4G3 Roberts Georgina 92yr 04/03/79
1K1 Rounce Samuel 3yr 6mth 20/02/16 verse
4H4 Rowel Tom R 31yr 07/05/15 husband of Ethel (d of Richard & C.Emma Powley. Lost in Lusitania
3aC11 Royal Robert 38yr 24/03/84 husband of Mary Ann Royal
1Q2 Rudrum Elizabeth 60yr 28/11/12 wife of John Rudrum of this parish
2S9 Rudrum Hannah 75yr 14/03/76 wife of stephen
1Q1 Rudrum John 69thyr 04/12/22
1M5 Rumsby Mary Ann 23yr 19/12/76 wife of George Rumsby
5aD5 Rutherford Marina 09/11/95 31/01/87
2S14 Sadler Annie 25/08/98 28/05/92 dear mother & grandmother
4L7 Sadler Ernest Herbert 84yr 22/09/86 dear dad
4L7 Sadler Florence Margaret 60yr 31/01/67 wife of Ernest
2S17 Sayer *May 66yr 26/10/60 wife of Edward
2S17 Sayer Edward 64yr 19/03/56 husband of May Sayer
3aA6 Sayer Mary 87yr 14/06/78 who died at ?B E arsham. Footstones EHE 1827:1793
3aD14 Scales Jennifer Christine 23/12/33 01/07/98
3aE21 Scarfe Edna 85yr 20/01/89 wife
3aE21 Scarfe William 81yr 21/07/60 husband
1K12 Scarlett John Samuel 40yr 29/11/74 Nephew
3bC18 Scrivener Blanche Hilda 1909 1992
3bC18 Scrivener Hubert 1908 2000 husband
War Mem Seamons Harry Algernon Nfk Reg
*1E20 Seamons Hilda Enid 86yr 25/12/85 Wife of Robert
*1E21 Seamons Jack 11/10/24 07/11/93
*1E20 Seamons Robert 66yr 11/05/61 Husband of Hilda
1A12 Sergeant Ann 86yr 10/04/07 In my Father's house are many mansions
1A8 Sergeant George 88yr 25/01/67 Husband; Reunited
1A8 Sergeant Jessie 86yr 09/02/65 Wife; Reunited
1A6 Sergeant Margaret Joan 33yr 19/04/64 Wife & Mother; Reunited
1A10 Sergeant Mary Ann 50yr 28/10/05 Verse
1A7 Sergeant Norman 38yr 26/07/59 At rest
1A6 Sergeant Russell Thomas 82yr 09/08/02 Husband & Father; Reunited
1A11 Sergeant Thomas 80yr 09/11/05 Husband; Verse
5aA6 Sharp Jeffrey J 18/08/35 01/08/96
3aC8 Shaw Joyce Doreen 68yr 28/08/95
3aC4 Shepherdson Kenneth 14/01/17 19/07/95 husband, father & grandfather
3aC5 Shepherdson Kim Tracey 29yr 28/07/95 beloved wife of Keith & mummy of Louise
3aF17 Sherman Arthur George 13/11/18 22/01/91
3aF16 Sherman Robert William 1923 1991
4N3 Shirley James 82yr 05/09/78 husband
4N3 Shirley Kate (Kit) 70yr 12/04/71 wife & mother
1I5 Smith Alfred
1M3 Smith Derek William John 70yr 16/05/00 Husband of Mary Smith
2D1 Smith Edward 10yr 23/12/40
2H8 Smith Fred William 90yr 26/01/77 husband of Nellie
2H8 Smith Nellie 92yr 23/03/75 wife of Fred
2D3 Smith Philip 54yr 23/07/38 husband of Sarah
1I5 Smith Rose
2D4 Smith Sarah 46yr 06/06/23 wife of Philip
5aB14 Smith Vera 66yr 13/09/84 wife & mother
5aD2 Smith Walter 1910 1993 husband & father
1D9 Snelling Charlotte 75yr 26/12/72
4K4 Snelling George Samuel 14yr 03/02/63 son of George & Louisa Snelling
4K3 Snelling Louisa 68yr 21/12/88 wife of Samuel
4K2 Snelling Samuel 74yr 19/02/95
4T10 Snowling Bertie Robert 75yr 07/08/86 husband & father
2I11 Snowling Emma 23yr 21/??/1877 daughter of James & Charlotte Snowling
4T10 Snowling Laura 87yr 23/04/98 dearly loved grandparents
2I12 Snowling William 15yr 07/05/65 son of James & Charlotte Snowling
3aD20 Sponer Ivan F 09/06/24 01/12/99
1L1 Spurgeon Charles Samuel 86yr 16/02/53 Husband of Emma
1L1 Spurgeon Emma Pleasance 75yr 11/04/49 Wife of Charles
1M2 Spurgeon Evelyn 5yr 14/01/07 Daughter of Charles & Emma Spurgeon
1M1 Spurgeon Florence Annie 7yr 19/01/07 Daughter of Charles & Emma Spurgeon
War Mem Starman Albert Edward Hamilton Nfk Reg
*1E13 Stimpson Hannah 68yr 30/05/68 Verse
*1E12 Stimpson Harriet 8yr 14/01/37 Verse
3bC7 Stone Arthur J 81yr 27/02/68
3bB7 Stone Benjamin 89yr 29/11/54
3bB7 Stone Fanny 93yr 27/04/58 wife
2G3 Stone Florence 88yr 23/12/95 dear mother
2G3 Stone Frank Leonard 91yr 26/07/99 dear father
2G4 Stone Grace 88yr 30/04/01 dear wife, mum & nan
3bC7 Stone Jessie Elizabeth 53yr 12/05/41
2L1 Stott Joseph 72yr 16/02/48 Rector of Chedgrave Church1934-1945. Vicar of Langley & Hardley 1929-1958
5aB8 Stubbs Ethel Dora 24/12/06 04/07/79
2H2 Sturman nee Frary Brenda 59 06/11/83
1A1 Sutton James 65yr 25/10/59
1A1 Sutton Violet Mary 1898 1989
1P1 Tammis Charlotte 77yr 24/06/92 wife of Robert Tammis & mother
East path Tammis Free 84yr 14/01/25
North path Tammis Harriet 74yr 31/05/20 wife of William Tammis
1P2 Tammis Robert 79yr 03/10/92
East path Tammis William 74yr 16/01/16
5aB6 Thomas Joyce 10/04/17 15/08/79 dear mum & dad
5aB6 Thomas William 04/07/14 12/10/93
1L4 Thorogood Gladys Anne Margaret 76yr 22/08/84
2S10 Thrower Ann 1813
2S10 Thrower Jacob 1849
2S11 Thrower Lois 63yr 02/01/74 daughter of Jacob & Ann Thrower
4M9 Thurlow Alfred Tammis 62yr 24/03/68 husband of Minnie
4M9 Thurlow Bryan Alfred 65yr 05/01/02
4M9 Thurlow Minnie Elizabeth 90yr 18/12/97 wife of Alfred
3aE0 Tice Martha Sarah 54yr 04/01/96
3aC9 Tills Andrew Peter 23/09/59 08/09/96
3aC10 Tills Peter Albert
5aB7 Tooley Linda Jane 10yr 30/09/78
2D2 Topping Augustus Victor 77yr 13/02/78 beloved husband od Constance
2C1 Topping Cherry 50yr 31/01/97 IMO dear wife, mum & nan
2D2 Topping Constance Mildred 69yr 03/09/69 devoted wife and mother
2Q6 Townsend Dick 1919 1986
2R10 Townshend Emma 84yr 20/04/58
2H11 Triffit Althea 88yr 26/03/68 widow of Thomas Triffit
1I9 Turner Charlotte 88thyr 15/02/83
1I10 Turner George 71yr 06/03/93
2H4 Unknown Elizabeth ??/??/1823
3bB8 Unknown Elizabeth 28yr 20/08/?? ?wife?daughter of NathL Dennington?
2P8 Unknown Margaret 1827 widow. MC 1827 on footstone
3aD21 Unknown Mary 75yr 03/03/56 wife
2N2 Utting Alice 78yr 24?/08/1794 relict of Henry Utting
5aD3 Vellacott Kathleen Mary 14/11/19 17/01/00 wife, mother & grandmother
5aD3 Vellacott Stanlet Nathaniel 21/12/15 04/06/93 husband, father & grandfather
4J4 Waller John 48yr 12/06/24 59thyr in 1981
2R11 Walpole Elizabeth 65thyr 30/10/77 wife of Charles Walpole
3sF14 Ward Harry john 78yr 03/01/85
1N1 Ward Mary 45yr 18/02/10
1G1 Warman Herbert 73yr 07/01/56 Brother; resting
2L11 Warman William 81yr 09/03/10
2Q4 Warnes Edith Sarah 73yr 15/10/19?9 wife of Frederick
2Q4 Warnes Frederick George 63yr 21/10/39 husband of edith
2R7 Warnes Reginald 15/03/1954?
4M7 Wass Minnie 27/03/89 04/04/68 wife of William
4M7 Wass William Hickson 24/04/92 03/03/76 husband of Winnie
2H6 Waters Samuel grandson of Elizabeth Ellis
1C11 Watson Eleanor 57yr 09/07/59 Beloved wife of James Watson; verse
1C12 Watson James 59yr 21/03/64 Yes
4N7 Webb Frederick 1908 1974
4M11 Webb George James 69yr 21/04/73 husband of Margaret
4N7 Webb Mabel 1904 1987 wife
4M11 Webb Margaret Ada 85yr 25/05/87 wife of George
In S wall Webster Henry 21/01/94 of Chetgrave, written in Latin
In N wall Webster Mary 73yr 22/10/08 Relict of Thomas, daughter of Joseph Gardiner, Gent, late of Loddon
In N wall Webster Thomas 60yr 20/09/94 Clerk, A.B. late of this parish, formerly of Cauis College Cambridge
1M8 Welling Alphonsine Clemence 88yr 15/05/86
1M8 Welling Archibald Joseph 66yr 12/09/63 dear husband & father
1L5 Welling John 63yr 10/08/83 LMO dear mum & dad, sadly missed
1L5 Welling Verona 65yr 15/10/85 wife of John
2K5 Wheelhouse Caroline 55yr 15/10/58 wife of Joseph Wheelhouse
2K6 Wheelhouse Joseph 49yr 05/08/47 husband of Caroline Wheelhouse
2K6 Wheelhouse Thomas in infancy son of Joseph & Caroline
2K6 Wheelhouse William in infancy son of Joseph & Caroline
1J9 Whiles Martha 74yr 05/02/28
1J9 Whiles Walter 84yr 17/08/52
2R17 White Ellen Elizabeth 63rdyr 17/07/36 wife of William George White
4V11 Whiting Ann 41yr 15/05/87 daughter
2M9 Whiting Ben 32yr 25/12/58 husband of Hannah Whiting
3aE1 Whiting Carol 56yr 26/12/00 mother & sister
4V11 Whiting Violet Primrose 16/03/24 03/09/97 mother. Trusted friend of Russell
2K8 Whitlock Ann Margaret 79yr 20/09/53 wife of John Whitlock
2K9 Whitlock G W 23yr 18/01/24 Son of John & Ann Whitlock
2K7 Whitlock John 79yr 29?/10/1849 husband of Ann
2K4 Whitlock Joseph J 31yr 23/01/64 son of Joseph & Caroline Wheelhouse
3aC20 Whitwood 13yr 20/03/60
3aC19 Whitwood Charles 76yr 24/03/67
1D4 Whitwood Lydia 86yr 21/03/89
3aC21 Whitwood Mary 35yr 07/05/33 best of wives......
1D3 Whitwood Samuel 60yr 13/09/90
1D5 Whitwood Samuel 66yr ??/03/1866 Blessed are the dead....
1D2 Whitwood Sarah 85yr 04/06/10
3aC20 Whitwood Walter 3yr 1834 son of Charles & Ann Whitwood
3bA13 Widgery Ethel May 52yr 21/04/35
1K5 Wigg Elizabeth 74yr 06/06/99
1L3 Wigg Elizabeth 87thyr 06/01/26
1L2 Wigg Henry 80yr 22/02/18
1K4 Wigg John 71yr 30/12/67
5aD4 Wilkinson Renee J M 05/03/24 09/09/93
3bB13 Wilson Ward Pamela 77yr 26/04/39 Wife of late Thomas Wilson Ward, interred in Lowestoft Cemetery
2H9 Winch Elizabeth 74yr 04/05/61 wife of George
2H9 Winch George John 88yr 06/01/74 husband of Elizabeth
5aA16 Withers Arthur Henry 1895 1978 dear mum,dad & grandparents
5aA16 Withers Ellan Ann 1904 1990 reunited
4V12 Wood Doris 58yr 14/11/86
1B3 Wood Lance 63yr 03/12/78
1B3 Wood Winnie 67yr 24/12/84
2S15 Woolner Clifford 69yr 07/10/00 husband, dad & grandda
2S14 Woolner John T 89yr 03/03/51 dear father
1C1 Wright Elsie 92yr 01/10/01
4V9 Wright Essie 04/11/28 17/02/88
5aE5 Wright Fred 1925 1998 dear father
4S7 Wright Harriet Deborah ??/04/1820 ??/11/1876
2H1 Wright Lucy 70yr 16/07/03
5aB13 Wright Margaret 75yr 27/01/00 wife, mother & nan
1C1 Wright Reginald George 89yr 30/07/98 Husband
5aB13 Wright Vernon 63yr 23/10/83 husband & father
1H18 Yallop John 31yr 22/09/55 Verse