Fruit from the Blossoms

This book is written by Rev David East Superintendent Methodist Minister of the area, not by the authors of the other booklets in the Before Your Time series.
It was written as a commemoration of 300 years since the birth of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.

John Welsey visited Loddon on several occasions in the late 1770's. He noted in his journal that "the preaching house at Loddon was thoroughly filled with serious and attentive hearers. From all these blossoms will there not be some fruit?" (Hence the title of the book!)
Two years later he said that they (the people of Loddon) were "resolved to enter in at the strait gate" - contrast with the folk of Beccles ("a duller place I have seldom seen").

Both Brenda Love and Fred Clemence have told me of children from the two churches (the Wesleyan and the Primitive Methodists) throwing stones at each other.
The Wesleyans calling the Primitives "tub-thumpers" and generally looking down on them (while both looked up to the Anglicans).

Many of the names associated with Loddon e.g. Cannells, Lemans, Lader and Spences (see Whose Name is it Anyway?) were prominent Methodists which is why the sense of community has been so strong.

Many of the local insitutions such as the Red Cross Hospital during World War 1 (see Aspects of War) were supported both financially and actively by the Methodist families.

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