About the History Group

Loddon and District Local History Group was formally constituted in February 2003 with the stated aim of "the advancement of education of the public concerning the local history of Loddon, Norfolk and the surrounding area"... and that is as formal as it gets.

We do not have a membership list, so anyone is welcome to turn up to our monthly meetings where we usually have a speaker or slide show.

Meetings are held in the Lecture Hall, St John's Church, George Lane, on the third Wednesday of each month at 1.30pm.
They currently cost just £3 which includes the opportunity to chat over tea and biscuits.

A programme of future speakers can be seen at the bottom of this page.
Our meetings are open to all.

Once a year we organize an outing to a place of interest.

Another annual activity is our survey of a local churchyard to record the Memorial Inscriptions and location of gravestones.
The results are printed and placed in the churches, and are also available via this website.

To contact us, email - loddon.history@hotmail.co.uk We are pleased to answer queries about the local area, if we can, but cannot undertake detailed family history research.

Speaker Programme 2018

Subjects and speakers may change due to unforeseen circumstances

Date Speaker Topic
Febuary 21st After a speedy AGM there will be a Parish Study update, find out what we have been up to over the past year. Plus photographs from our archive.
March 21st Dr Joy Hawkins Blood, Pus and Urine: How to Diagnose Illness in the Middle Ages.
In a time before x-rays, CT scans and modern medical technology, medieval physicians and surgeons had to be innovative when diagnosing disease.
This talk will discuss the different methods they used, and consider how effective they might have been.
April 18th Dr Adrian Marsden Tales behind the Tokens.
Recent Research by the Norfolk Token Project.
May 16th Phyllida Scrivens The Lady Lord Mayors of Norwich, 1923-2017.
Phyllida has just completed a book on this subject, hear what her research has uncovered.
June 20th Join us on our outing
Private Historical Tour of Earsham Hall - details at meetings.
July 18th Chris Armstrong Under the Parson's Nose
Find out what Chris has discovered about the life and work of one of his ancestors.
August 15th - EVENING MEETING 7.30pm Mike Pinner The Caistor Research Project
Latest news of archaeological excavations at Caistor St Edmund.
Sept 19th Dr Robert Knee The Bigods - a costumed talk about the controversial Earls of Norfolk.
October 17th Dr Richard Hogget Work, Rest and Pray: The Archaeology of Medieval Monasteries.
Monasteries were one of the most important and influential features of the medieval landscape.
This lecture examines East Anglia's Anglo-Saxon and medieval monasteries, with a particular focus on the landscape setting of monasteries, the development of the monastic cloister and precinct, and the management of monastic estates.
November 21st John Bennett Loddon Surgery During Dr Bennett's Time; 1952-1978
Dec 19th Pip Wright Frolic Fervour and Fornication.
Things you would not expect to find in Suffolk Parish Records!
Jan 16th 2019 Gareth Davies Pablo Fanque's Fair and Early Victorian Circus, from study of East Anglian parish records.
Feb 20th 2019 AGM and Parish Study update.

Further details 01508 520120/521136

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