About the History Group

Loddon and District Local History Group was formally constituted in February 2003 with the stated aim of "the advancement of education of the public concerning the local history of Loddon, Norfolk and the surrounding area"... and that is as formal as it gets.

We do not have a membership list, so anyone is welcome to turn up to our monthly meetings where we usually have a speaker or slide show.

Meetings are held in the Lecture Hall, St John's Church, George Lane, on the third Wednesday of each month at 1.30pm.
They currently cost just £3 which includes the opportunity to chat over tea and biscuits.

A programme of future speakers can be seen at the bottom of this page.
Our meetings are open to all.

Once a year we organize an outing to a place of interest.

Another annual activity is our survey of a local churchyard to record the Memorial Inscriptions and location of gravestones.
The results are printed and placed in the churches, and are also available via this website.

To contact us, email - loddon.history@hotmail.co.uk We are pleased to answer queries about the local area, if we can, but cannot undertake detailed family history research.

Speaker Programme 2020/21

Subjects and speakers may change due to unforeseen circumstances

Date Speaker Topic
Feb 20th AGM and Parish Study update.
March 18th Postponed due to current health concerns.The talk, by David Wollweber on The de Argentein Family will now be presented at our meeting on January 20th 2021.
April 15th Postponed due to current health concerns. The talk, by Gareth Davies, on "William Morris and the Yarmouth Anarchists" will now be presented at our meeting on September 6th.
May 20th Dr Adrian Marsden Seventeenth-Century Yarmouth Tokens and their Issuers Find out what the extensive research into the Norfolk Token Project has revealed.
June 17th Outing details will be announced at meetings
July 15th Brian Grint In Search of Eugenia Fynch "The story of an early Norfolk Victorian Photographer, portraying Victorian Life, and how he changed his name to sound Exotic"
August 19th Mike Pinner 7.30pm evening meeting - Latest news from the temple site and excavations at Venta Icenorum, Caistor Roman Town.
September 16th Gareth Davies William Morris and the Yarmouth Anarchists In 1889, William Morris, the well known artist and 'founder' of the 'arts and craft' movement, came to Yarmouth on three occasions.
Why did he come? It was to support his revolutionary socialist party the Socialist League following the establishment of a branch in the town. In historical terms this was unusual as Yarmouth's politics was never particularly radical, indeed it perhaps could be described as a 'Tory' stronghold in the 19th century.
This talk looks at why the League managed to gain support in the town as well as explain the nature of local politics in the late 19th century. g>
October 21st Rowena Burgess Swing Riots in Norfolk The Swing Riots were a period of unrest in southern England in 1830 and have been associated with protest against newly introduced mechanisation and rural living conditions.
This talk focuses on events in Norfolk and how effective they were.
Using source material including newspaper reports and quarter session data from the period, and illustrations, this talk about The Swing Riots by Rowena Burgess, from the UEA's Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities, will explore the rapidly changing agricultural conditions in Norfolk which led to the riots, the response of landed classes and the ultimate punishments for those involved.
November 18th Dr Richard Hoggett 'A very remote period indeed'; Discovering East Anglia's Early Humans Beginning with John Frere's famous letter of 1797 reporting the discovery of ancient flint tools in brick-pits at Hoxne and culminating with the exposure of million-year-old footprints on Happisburgh beach in 2013, this lecture looks at the string of significant East Anglian archaeological discoveries which have revolutionised our understanding of the early human occupation of Britain.
December 16th 'Living History from Blickling Hall', Meet two lively, funny and engaging characters from Blickling Hall. Our Christmas 'Do' will includes festive treats, raffle and usual frivolity.
January 20th 2021 David Wollweber The de Argentein Family: Cup Bearers to Medieval Kings David has recently written a book which tells the remarkable but little known story of the medieval lords of the manor of Halesworth, Newmarket and villages in Suffolk and Norfolk.
This forgotten family of crusaders, jousters, warriors, matriarchs, and rebels were influential in some key historical events.
If you like Medieval history and tales of knights, crusades, powerful women, murderers and feuds come along to this talk!
February 17th AGM and end of current chairmanship.

Further details 01508 520120/521136
All welcome.

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