Hales - St Margaret's churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2010

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Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Notes to accompany the survey - Survey notes

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
NW H8 Alden Mary Ann 64yr 18/02/35
NW A5 Anguish Emma 24yr (13)15/04/1856 Wife of George
NW A5 Anguish Emma Elizabeth 7mth 06/10/56 Daughter of Emma & George
NW F11 Askew Alice Louisa 83yr 30/04/58 Wife of Walter
NW G11 Askew Eva Winifred 55yr 17/04/53 Wife of Walter
NW G10 Askew Gladys 31yr 01/03/31 Daughter of Walter & Alice
NW G9 Askew Jack 14yr 23/04/23
NW G11 Askew Walter 36yr 05/08/34 Husband of Eva
NW G9 Askew Walter 41yr 11/03/12 Husband of Alice Louisa, interred in Hackford Cemetry
NE F13 Bane Albert Lamb 18yr 06/07/91 Son of James & Amelia Maria
NE F14 Bane Alice Amelia 8yr 03/03/92 Daughter of James & Amelia Maria
NE F16 Bane Amelia Maria 84yr 07/02/34 Wife of the late James of Hales
NE F18 Bane Edith Jane 73yr 08/04/44
NW B18 Bane Ella Elizabeth 86yr 15/06/85
NE F15 Bane James 58yr ?01/12/1904 Husband of Amelia M
NE E4 Batley Louisa 52yr (14)11/03/1867 Wife of William. Daughter of William & Lorinda SPURGEON
SW D3 Beckett Hannah 66yr 20(30)/07/1864 Wife of Thomas
NE F9 Bensley Harriet 26yr 20/07/80 Daughter of John & Elizabeth
SW E11 Bezant Matilda 88yr 22/03/09 (Slate slab matches SWE2-E10)
NE D1 Blake Edward George 70yr 02/12/43 Husband of Georgiana
NE E9 Blunderfield Anna Maria 62yr 20/04/80 Wife of George
SE C13 Brister Catherine 25/08/93 27/08/74 Wife of the late Isaac
SW H7 Brister Charlotte 65yr 09/12/09 Wife of Isaac
SE C14 Brister Edward 24yr 03/01/84 Son of Henry & Maria
SE C12 Brister Isaac 20/05/92 25/07/70 Husband of Catherine
SW G8 Brister James 82yr 13/01/03 Husband of Maria
Inside Naisle Browne Elizabeth 71yr 02/12/46 Wife of William
Inside Naisle Browne William 59yr 15/02/34 Husband of Elizabeth
NE A14 Buck Alfred 58yr 06/08/78
NE A13 Buck Elizabeth 81yr 28(9)/12/1897 Wife of Alfred
SW F5 Buck John 43yr 26/02/72
NE A1 Buck Lorina 80yr 09/03/38 Wife of Robert
NE A2 Buck Robert 66yr 06/09/22
NE A3 Buck Sarah 82yr 14/02/70 Daughter of Robert & Lorinda
NW C10 Burgess Elizabeth 87yr 06/06/73 Wife of Thomas
NW C9 Burgess Thomas 80yr 12/06/73 of this parish
NE i5 Bussey Frederick Name on flower holder
NW F8 Chilvers Alice Louisa 78yr 24/10/36 Wife of George
NW F8 Chilvers George 56yr 06/01/13 Husband of Alice
NW B15 Coleman Irene Ayling 77yr 26/09/90 Wife of Ronald
NW B15 Coleman Ronald Arthur 81yr 04/02/93 Husband of Irene
SE J1 Crane Rich 74yr 30/08/48
NE i3 Crowe Ethel Maude 70yr 27/09/56 Wife of William
NE i3 Crowe William 72yr 28/11/54 Husband of Ethel Maude
1050E0690S Cunningham Matthew 73rd yr 19/10/99 of this parish
NW E15 Drewell Ellen Elizabeth 4yr 11mth 27/11/93 Daughter of Samuel & Harriet
SW E10 Easter Ann 77yr 25/05/05 Widow of late Ellis EASTER of Hales
SW E5 Easter Anna 71yr 14/03/51 Wife of Edward
SW E8 Easter Anna 69yr 11/06/82 Daughter of Edward & Anna
SW E Easter Charles 43yr 14/10/59 Son of Edward & Anna
SE K5 Easter Charlotte 54yr 10/01/65 Wife of James
SW E4 Easter Edward 84yr 11/12/66
SW E6 Easter Edward 37yr 15/08/51 Son of Edward & Anna
SE J5 Easter Eleanor 72yr 06/04/42
SW E2 Easter Elizabeth 63yr 14/11/84 Wife of Charles
SW E9 Easter Ellis 67yr 09/03/65
SW F12 Easter Florence Jane 29/11/48 20/09/84 Daughter of Edward & Elizabeth
SW F11 Easter Henry 19yr 12/07/81
NE J1 Easter James 65yr 19/12/87
SE K6 Easter James 73yr 04/07/79
NE J2 Easter Mary Ann 57yr 16/12/74
NE C13 Edge Arthur 17yr 21/12/87 Son of James & Mary. Interred at Tivetsham
NE C13 Edge James 25yr 07/07/94 Son of James & Mary. Interred at Georgetown. Queensland
NE C13 Edge James 66yr 13/02/13 of Stockton Old Hall, husband of Mary
NE C13 Edge Mary Elizabeth 44yr 02/01/91 Wife of James
SE H4 Edwards Edward 37th yr 14/10/81 Son of William & Mary, unfortunately drowned
SE H3 Edwards Mary Ann 86yr 08/05/98
SE H4 Edwards William 74th yr 25/10/81 Husband of Mary
NW E3 Fairhead Mary Ann 12/08/47 05/12/24 Wife of James
NW A13 Farrow Ethel May 65yr 15/05/52 Wife of Walter
NW A13 Farrow Walter 75yr 11/11/57 Husband of Ethel
NW B10 Fenner George Edward 86yr 10/03/07
NE A9 Fisher Charlotte 68yr 02/03/94 Wife of John
NE B8 Fisher Edith Mabel 04/06/61 Wife of George
NE A7 Fisher Elizabeth 79yr 11/04/83 Wife of Robert
NE B7 Fisher Frances 06/04/28 Wife of Harry
NE B8 Fisher George Frederick 09/05/27 Husband of Edith
NE B7 Fisher Harry 47yr 02/04/00 Husband of Frances
NE A8 Fisher John 65yr 08/10/90 Husband of Charlotte
NE A6 Fisher Robert 52yr 17/02/56 Husband of Elizabeth
NE F5 Fisk Hannah 90yr 27/03/83
NW E16 Flowers Elizabeth 79yr 21/03/82
NW E16 Fodder Uriah 60yr 18/05/82
NE D7 Freston Frances 78yr 26/07/59 Late of Hales
SE K4 Frost Harriett Eliza 46yr 13(18)/05/1891 Wife of Samuel
NE D7 Fuller Anne 69yr 08/03/58 Wife of Robert (of Hales)
NE D7 Fuller Elizabeth 67yr 23/03/44 Wife of Robert
NE D7 Fuller Robert 76yr 13/02/51 Late of Gillingham
NE D7 Fuller Robert 63yr 11/09/61 Late of Hales, husband of Anne
NE D7 Fuller Robert Freston 63yr 28/11/91 of Hales, only son of Robert & Anne
SE E13 Funnell Dorothy 91yr 21/10/73
SE E13 Funnell Hannah 82yr 06/05/90
SE E12 Funnell Harriet 55yr 06/08/73 Wife of James
NEH9 Funnell Maria 64yr 25/01/63 Wife of James
SE E12 Funnell Mary 24yr 06/03/70 Daughterof James & Harriet
SE B4 Garnham Elizabeth 17th yr 1778 Daughter of William & Sarah
SE B6 Garnham Ives 21yr 21/04/80 Also seven of his brothers and sisters
SE B7 Garnham Lydia 63yr 09/11/28 Late of Beccles
SE B4 Garnham Sarah 57th yr 21/12/92 Wife of William
SE B4 Garnham William 60th yr 15/06/95 Husband of Sarah
NW G7 Gooch Arthur 21yr 31/05/40 son of Benjamin and adopted son of Ernest & Florence SPARKES. Killed on active service in France.
NW G4 Gooch Harriet Amelia Goodwin 30yr 11/11/18 Wife of Benjamin GOOCH
NW G5 Goodwin Emily Elizabeth 20yr 23/11/18 Daughter of Harry & Mary A
NW G6 Goodwin Harry 76yr 31/10/34 Husband of Mary Ann
NW G7 Goodwin Mary Ann 81yr 11/12/40
NW G5 Goodwin Victoria May 18yr 22/11/18 Daughter of Harry & Mary A
NW F1 Gower Albert Frederick 19yr 28/12/11
NW F1 Gower Arthur George 30yr 06/06/15 Died of wounds rec'd in Ypres
SE i6 Grimson Charles 81yr 07/05/83
SE i5 Grimson Charles White 1yr 9mth 09/02/75 Son of John & Dorothy
SE i4 Grimson John 74yr 21/11/07
SE i7 Grimson Sarah 59yr 28/10/66 Wife for Charles
NE B13 Groom Elizabeth 74yr 05/01/86 Wife of James
NE B12 Groom James (74)84yr 17/05/82
NE A11 Hammond Ann 19/05/01 14/05/83 Relict of Thomas
NE A12 Hammond George 38yr 11/09/74 Son of Thomas & Ann
NE A15 Hammond John 47yr 24/03/89 Primitive Methodist minister
NE A16 Hammond Lorinda Elizabeth 61yr 12/04/14 Daughter of Alfred & Elizabeth BUCK
NE A10 Hammond Thomas 65yr 09/02/64 Clerk of this parish for 38yrs
SE D2 Harvey Elizabeth 47yr 24/01/63 Wife of James
SE D2 Harvey James 41yr 29/01/69 Husband of Elizabeth
SE D2 Harvey James Joseph 19yr 09/12/72 Son of James & Elizabeth, lost at sea
SE D1 Harvey Lydia 20yr 09/12/44 Wife of Joseph
NE C4 Hill Mary Ann Ede 74yr 27/12/33 Wife of William James
NW B13 Hobbs Jeremy 'Jay' 52yr 24/04/01
NE C5 Jeffrey Elizabeth Clara 70yr 17/05/32
NE C5 Jeffrey John William 64yr 16/12/25
NE A4 Jennings Elizabeth 83yr 17/08/68 Widow of Joseph Jennings. Daughter of Robert & Lorinda BUCK
SW C9 Jennings Mary 63(68)yr 24/08/18 Wife of Samuel, late of Hales
SW C10 Jennings Samuel 77yr 31/03/26
NW G8 Johnson Mary Ann Elizabeth 37yr (13)15/06/1919 Wife of Herbert
SW A7 Killington Henry 70yr 25/05/63
SW A8 Killington Henry 42yr 28/03/75 Son of Henry & Mary
SW A4 Killington John 73yr 11/05/11
SW A6 Killington Mary 85yr 24/05/91 Wife of John
SW A5 Killington Sarah 47yr 04/05/93 Daughter of Henry & Mary KILLINGTON
SW B2 King George 77yr 06/03/31 Husband of Susanna
SW B2 King Susanna 40yr 11/06/95 Wife of George
SW B2 King Susanna Infant daughter of George & Susanna
NE D4 Knapp Carol Maud Freston West 77yr 21/10/81 Of Hales. International Girl Guide
NE D4 Knapp Joseph Grant 82yr 27/06/83 of Loveland, Colorado, USA. Scholar, Author, Economist
SE C15 Lane(d) Elizabeth 83yr 09/12/16 Late of Toft Monks
Chancel steps Lawes Elizabeth 99yr 28/01/53
Inside Chancel Lawes Mary 6yr 31/07/10 Youngest daughter of Peter Lawes minister of this parish & Elizabeth
Chancel steps Lawes Peter 58yr 05/08/22 Inscription in Latin
NW E1 Long Christopher 84yr 12/10/08 Husband of Lydia
SE G8 Long John 82yr 13/05/39
NM E3 Long Lydia 87yr 15/01/11 Wife of Christopher
SE G8 Long .et 76yr ??/05/1832
NE H10 Lusher Christopher 84yr 05/09/15 Husband of Martha
NE H10 Lusher Martha Ann 93yr 24/07/25 Wife of Christopher
NE H10 Lusher Sarah Ann 71yr 26/10/27 Daughter of Christopher & Martha
SE A11 Mickleburgh Elizabeth 13yr 11/06/17 Daughter of John & Elizabeth
SE A5 Mickleburgh Elizabeth 66yr 23/11/80 Wife of Matt
SE A8 Mickleburgh Elizabeth 56yr 15/06/01 Wife of John of this parish
SE A7 Mickleburgh Ellis 37yr 07/06/85
SE A10 Mickleburgh John 32yr 14/04/05
SE A9 Mickleburgh John 64yr 02/06/07 Of this parish
SE A4 Mickleburgh Matt (80)82yr 27/11/79
NW B11 Ming Eric Frank 00/01/1922 00/02/2004
NW B11 Ming Iris Queenie 00/03/1920 00/10/2009
NW H6 Morl Arthur Samuel 80yr 02/04/38
NW H5 Morl Elizabeth 76yr 27/03/29 Wife of Arthur
NW B2 Moss Ellen 56yr 06/06/99 Wife of Robert
NW B1 Moss Esther 21yr 03/05/67
NW D1 Moss Isaac 71yr 09/03/14 Husband of Harriet
NW B12 Murtagh Verena FRG 31/05/57 26/01/02
NW B17 Myhill Albert James 64yr 08/06/67 Husband of Evelyn
NW B17 Myhill Evelyn Ida 60yr 17/01/65 Wife of Albert
SE M3 Oats Ann 83rd yr 16/01/32 Wonderful mother
NE F17 Pettit Ellen Spence 34yr 20/09/19 Wife of Ernest, daughter of James & Amelia BANE
NE F12 Pettit Harry Bendal 08/08/18 20/10/18
NE J10 Playford Daniel 59(69)yr 21/09/08 Husband of Frances
SE A6 Pooly Susan 57yr 16/01/83
NE B6 Preston Benjamin 78yr 04/09/43 Husband of Ellen Tabitha
NE H7 Preston Elizabeth 37yr 14/03/58 Wife of George
NE B6 Preston Ellen Tabitha 100yr 27/03/68 Wife of Benjamin
NE i10 Preston Elsie 19/05/98 19/06/99
NE H4 Preston Emily 26/03/46 26/06/46 Daughters of George & Elizabeth
NE H6 Preston George 67yr 19/07/87
NE H4 Preston Georgiana 05/12/50 05/05/51 Daughters of George & Elizabeth
NE H4 Preston Helen 11/07/56 11/12/56 Daughters of George & Elizabeth
NE H5 Preston Henry 27yr 20/11/53 Son of James & Lucy
NE F2 Preston Henry Chaplin 21yr 23(28)/05/1860 Lost at sea
NE H2 Preston James 68yr 22/08/52
NE F1 Preston John 68yr 31/01/10 Husband of Mary
NE F4 Preston John 84yr 22/01/00 Husband of Mary Ann
NE H3 Preston John 89yr 10/07/28 37yr Clerk of this parish
NE H1 Preston Lucy 97yr 26/10/80 Wife of James
NE F1 Preston Mary 78yr 14/12/09 Wife of John
NE F3 Preston Mary Ann 74yr 05/07/93 Wife of John
NE F2 Preston Samuel 11yr 12/02/59 Son of John & Mary Ann
NE H3 Preston Sarah 81yr (13)15/01/1821 Wife of John
NE C6 Pryke James Barnett 62yr 14/12/20 Husband of Selina
NE C6 Pryke Selina Laura 77yr 30/04/37 Wife of James
NW H1 Read George 89yr 01/05/32 Husband of Sarah
NW H1 Read Sarah 78yr (79yr) 23/12/30 Wife of George
NE B14 Reeve Christina Maria 62yr 16/10/41 Wife of Thomas
NE B14 Reeve Thomas Arthur 58yr 13/04/34 Husband of Christina M
NE D12(a) Riches Charlotte 48yr 11/02/84 Wife of John
NW G3 Riches Easter 85yr (02) 23/09/1926
NE D12(a) Riches Frederick 10yr 22/05/87 Son of John & Charlotte
NE D12(a) Riches James 6yr 22/04/82 Son of John & Charlotte
NE D12(a) Riches John 60yr 25/05/86 Interred at Thorpe, Norwich. Husband of Charlotte
NE F19 Riches John 66yr 13/11/27 Husband of Georgianna
NE J8 Riches Maria 65 (66)yr 05/03/01 Wife of Samuel
NE D12(a) Riches William 32yr 14/04/02 Son of John & Charlotte. Interred at Thorpe, Norwich
NE H8 Ridley Ellen Blanche 64yr 28/09/20 Wife of William Robinson RIDLEY
NE E1 Rowland Elizabeth 45yr 29/12/13 Wife of William, eldest daughter of late John & Mary PRESTON
SW A11 Scarlett Francis 81(84)yr 07/09/1811(1844)
SW A10 Scarlett Lydia 82yr 01/03/17 Wife of Francis
NW B14 Singler Reginald Stewart 86yr 29/06/93
NW A3 Smith Anne Maria ?46yr ?18/10/1866 Husband of John
NW A14 Smith Eleanor 22/08/61 Wife of William
NW A6 Smith Hannah 30yr 07/11/50 Wife of John
NW A6 Smith Hannah Elizabeth 1yr 10mth 09/09/52
NW A2 Smith John 58yr 24/09/77 Wife of Anne Maria
NW A14 Smith William 73yr 23/04/55 Husband of Eleanor
NE E5 Spurgeon Amos 62yr 29/01/84 Husband of Tabitha Blunderfield SPURGEON
NE E11 Spurgeon Bessie Olive 79yr 05/11/82 Wife of John Morris
NE E8 Spurgeon Ellen Clara 77yr 20/07/50 Wife of John Riches
NE E10 Spurgeon Frederick 37yr 20/02/42 Brother of Lucy. In the Amber Islands serving with Australian forces.
NE E11 Spurgeon John Morris 88yr 16/01/87 Husband of Bessie
NE E8 Spurgeon John Riches 53yr 04/08/20 Husband of Ellen Clara
NE E3 Spurgeon Lorinda Elizabeth 86yr 07/02/69 Wife ofWilliam
NE E10 Spurgeon Lucy 25yr 18/11/22 Daughter of John & Ellen
NE E6 Spurgeon Tabitha Blunderfield 67yr 22/03/09 Wife of Amos
NE E2 Spurgeon William ?1867?
NE E7 Spurgeon William 73yr 18/05/85
NW B16 Sutermeister Helen 36yr 21/05/79 Wife of Ian DUNN
NE C2 Thomson Douglas 87yr 26/12/78 Husband of Elizabeth
NE C2 Thomson Elizabeth 81yr 08/10/82 Wife of Douglas
SW C11 Tibbenham Caroline 11yr 15/02/34 Daughter of Thomas & Hannah
SW C11 Tibbenham Charles Infant son of Thomas & Hannah
SW C12 Tibbenham Hannah 71yr 12/09/61 Wife of Thomas
SW C11 Tibbenham Henry Infant son of Thomas & Hannah
SW C13 Tibbenham Thomas 84yr 28/10/76
NE H16 Tipple Anna Maria 63yr 13/06/65 Wife of Frederick
NE G5 Tipple Frederick 58yr 13/12/27 Husband of Emma
NE H16 Tipple Frederick 63yr 05/05/53 Husband of Anna Maria
NE G3 Tipple Harry 20yr 12/10/24
NE G4 Tipple Herbert 33yr 20/07/25 Husband of Agnes. From his wife and daughters
NE G1 Tipple James 26yr 12/08/28
NE G2 Tipple Walter (Pte) 20yr 28/03/17 7th Norfolk Regiment, who died from wounds received in France
NW A8 Tovell Ann 25yr 03/11/73 Daughter of Thomas & Susan. Late of Geldeston
NW A9 Tovell Caroline 34(54)yr 25/02/79 Wife of Samuel
NW A7 Tovell Elizabeth 65(7)yr 25/01/63 Wife of Thomas
NW A10 Tovell Samuel 66yr 25/03/93
NW A7 Tovell Thomas 74yr 09/11/59 Husband of Elizabeth
NW G15 Tovell-smith Josephine 47yr 25/07/45
NW G15 Tovell-smith Ronald 23yr 15/12/45 T/261659 Driver Royal Army Service Corps.
NE D8 Vincent George Edward 9yr 15/05/78 Sone of James & Amelia
NE C9 Vincent James 88yr 02/06/87 Many years resident of this parish
NE D9 Vincent James 75yr 22/02/99
NE C9 Vincent Mahala 89yr 24/12/91
SE A2 W J 86yr 28/11/61
SW A2 Want Charlotte 74yr 18/10/55 Wife of John late of Broome
SW A3 Want Charlotte Margaret 10yr 15/08/12 Daughter of John & Charlotte
SW A2 Want John 86yr 28/11/61 Husband of Charlotte
SW A9 Want John 36yr 22/02/82
SW A9 Want Margaret 80yr 05/07/24
SW A3 Want Margaretta 4mth 05/09/22 Daughter of John & Charlotte
SW A4 Want William 12yr 16/01/17 Son of John & Charlotte
NW I5 Watson William Christopher 1916 1992
NE D5 West Ada Kate 89yr 09/02/51 Younger daughter of Thomas Robert & Anne Frances FRESTON WEST
NE D6 West Anne Frances Freston 70yr 14/09/01 Wife of Thomas Robert, and only daughter of Robert FULLER of Hales
NE D5 West Anne Mary 83yr 17/05/38 Elder daughter of Thomas Robert & Anne Frances FRESTON WEST
NE D4 West Maud Mary Freston 88yr 21/12/68 Wife of Thomas FRESTON WEST
NE D4 West Thomas Freston 72yr 09/01/40 Only son of Thomas Robert & Anne Frances FRESTON WEST
NE D6 West Thomas Robert 93yr 28/07/20 Husband of Anne Frances
NE D11 Westrup Joseph 1mth 11/12/86 Son of James & Jane
1044E0806S Wiskar Mary Phyllis 65yr 29/12/96
SE K7 Youell Emma 1yr 6mth 25/10/44 Daughter of George & Mary
SE K7 Youell Harriet 1yr 9mth 14/01/73 Daughter of George & Mary
SE J6 Youell Joseph 90yr 01/03/65 Husband of Sarah
SE J6 Youell Sarah 74yr 29/04/42 Wife of Joseph
NE H12 Youngs Daniel 77yr 14/10/26 Husband of Charlotte
NE H11 Youngs Gertrude Lily 6yr 26/03/93 Child of Daniel & Charlotte
NE H12 Youngs Herbert A M 21yr 1(11)/08/1917 Killed in action in France