Hardley Methodist Chapel - churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2004

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Grave Reference
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Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
D20 Bennett Ann 58yr 11/08/1927 wife of Rev Edward A Bennett
D21 Bennett Clarice Kathleen 19yr 25/11/1921 daughter of Rev & Mrs E.A.Bennett
F31 Blaza Elizabeth 86yr 30/07/1926 wife of William J
F33 Cannell Alec Edmund 70yr 08/12/1955 husband of Marjorie
F34 Cannell Alice Mary 86yr 30/05/1967 daughter of George & Elizabeth (Family kerbing)
E27 Cannell Annie 72yr 10/05/1950 daughter of George & Elizabeth (Cannell's kerbing)
F35 Cannell Doris Mabel 4yr 28/10/1906 daughter of George & Elizabeth (Family kerbing)
E23 Cannell Edith Marion 19yr 09/12/98 daughter of George W & Elizabeth
E25 Cannell Elizabeth 74yr 24/03/1922 wife of George Walter (Cannell's kerbing)
F36 Cannell Ethel 33yr 02/06/1906 wife of George William (Family kerbing)
E26 Cannell George Walter 88thyr 09/11/1932 (Cannell's kerbing)
F37 Cannell George William 80yr 20/07/1952 husband of Ethel (Family kerbing)
J42 Chenery Ellen 90yr 08/11/1960 wife of Henry & mother
J42 Chenery Henry Frederick 53yr 16/10/1921 husband of Ellen
A7 Chubbock Agnes 72yr 26/06/1979 wife, mother & grandmother
A7 Chubbock Frederick William 64yr 12/11/1969 husband of Agnes, father & grandfather
G38 Clarke Arthur Frederick 56yr 04/03/1945
H39 Crisp Elizabeth 66yr 16/03/1929 wide of Daniel
C17 Edwards Alfred 82yr 03/04/1962
C17 Edwards Emily Julia 84yr 24/07/1967
K43 Ellis Eve Hannah 86yr 06/04/1912 wife of James
C15 Forder Ada Alice 09/01/1908 16/05/1956
A6 Frosdick Joan Agnes 40yr 08/02/1970 wife of Herbert George, mother of Carol & Mark
E28 Gillingwater Beth 07/01/1953 wife of Charles
H40 Goddard Eliza 81yr 05/02/1933 wife of William
B10 Goddard Jane Elizabeth 69yr 21/09/1948 daughter of William & Eliza
H41 Goddard William 61yr 13/06/1911 wife of Eliza
C14 Green Arthur W R 82yr 04/07/1963
C14 Green Rosa Jane 75yr 13/04/1953
D18 Gunton Agnes 84yr 18/09/1968
D18 Gunton Charles E 69yr 02/10/1948
D22 Gunton Edward Arthur 83yr 01/12/1965
D19 Gunton Evelyn E 31yr 25/07/1938 daughter of Edward & June
D22 Gunton Jane Hannah 85yr 23/06/1969 wife of Edward
A4 Larwood Emma Jane 72yr 09/07/1976 wife
A3 Larwood Leslie Kenneth 48yr 20/12/1974
A8 Lutkin Sidney George 13/09/1906 28/12/1972
A8 Lutkin Sybil May 01/05/1912 20/12/1986
A1 Nicholls Bertie Stephen 81yr 16/03/1970
C13 Pipe Herbert
C13 Pipe Lucy
C16 Rix Arthur 61yr 18/06/1960
C12 Rix George 83yr 26/12/1947 husband of Katherine
C12 Rix Katherine 80yr 20/04/1956
A5 Rudrum Clifford 74yr 22/07/1978 husband & father
F30 Rudrum Kate 76yr 08/01/1951
A5 Rudrum Lilian May 85yr 26/02/1998 wife & mother - dear grandparents
F30 Rudrum Samuel Edward 83yr 13/11/1956 husband of Kate
B9 Sadler Leonard Henry 6yr 10mth 01/12/1911 child of William & Kate
E24 Walton Agnes Mabel 34yr 26/02/1919 wife of Rev A.N.Walton (Cannell's kerbing)
E24 Walton Rev. A.N. 1879 14/05/1905 (parents of Marion, Dorothy & Paul)
A2 Ward Elizabeth 66yr 01/07/1973 wife & mother
B11 Ward Herbert 65yr 03/11/1940
B11 Ward Jane 91yr 09/04/1940
F32 Waters Millie 74yr 15/04/1924 wife of Henry James (formerly at the abbey)
F29 Whiting Claude William 39yr 09/01/1950