St Margaret's, Hardley - churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2004

Click St Margaret's churchyard for a sketch map of the churchyard which shows the approximate position of the graves.

Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
3F2 ?Mapps?Wards Richard
3F6 Alexander Sarah Margaret 51yr 07/11/93 Wife of Samuel Alexander of Earlham Parish who died suddenly
2G6a Allen Myrtle Maud 10/07/1911 27/10/1999 Wife of Sydney
2G6a Allen Sydney Walter 31/10/1906 01/01/1996 Husband of Myrtle
3K17 Anguish Daniel 11/09/184?0
3K17 Anguish Mary 59yr 28/03/52
3J21 Baker Jane 2yr8mth 23/10/83 Daughter of George & Bertha Baker
1A3 Barber Emma Maud 79yr 31/10/1958 Wife of James
1A3 Barber James Francis 79yr 17/12/1957 Husband of Emma
3A9 Barker John 05/09/1913 02/04/1992 Born in London (?)
2G4 Barrett Violet Ellen 66yr :1984 Wife of William
2G4 Barrett William 82yr :1988 Husband of Violet
3A6 Battle Charles Albert 63yr 15/03/1978 Husband of Violet
3A6 Battle Violet Irene 58yr 14/01/1973 Wife of Charles
:3E3 Bellward Elizabeth 86yr 25/06/34 Wife of Thomas
:3E6 Bellward Georgiana 6yr? 06/05/18?? Daughter of ??? & Lydia Bellward
:3E7 Bellward James 51yr 02/02/79
:3E1 Bellward Samuel 71yr 1821
:3E2 Bellward Sarah 69yr 03/09/89 Wife of Samuel
:3E5 Bellward Sarah 84yr 27/12/69 Wife of William
:3E3 Bellward Thomas 70yr 30/04/16 Husband of Elizabeth
:3E4 Bellward William 70yr 10/07/53
3M35 Blaza Martha 36yr 05/03/62
3M33 Blaza Sarah 63yr 1864 Wife of Benjamin
3M36 Blaza William Johnson 79yr 30/03/1906 Husband of Elizabeth
War Mem Brabben Frederick
3A20 Branch William Cossey 37yr 23/07/79 Husband of Mary Ann Branch, son of late William & Harriet of Sizeland
3M12 Brereton Elizabeth 65yr 04/11/1901 Wife of Jeremiah
3M13 Brereton Jeremiah 79yr 17/10/1913 Husband of Elizabeth
3L29 Brereton John 74yr 28/09/80
3L28 Brereton Sarah Ann 63yr 28/11/65
3M10 Brereton Sarah Ann 4mth 03/07/65 Daughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Brereton
3M11 Brereton William 9mth 06/03/70 Son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Brereton
War Mem Brinded James
3L3 Brundell Clara 26/06/73 10/05/74 Daughter of James & Mary Brundell
3L7 Brundell James 1897
3L8 Brundell Jane 4yr 19/05/56 Daughter of James & Elizabeth Brundell
3L9 Brundell William 1yr 9mth 02/11/50 Son of James & Elizabeth
:1E3 Carpenter Michael 25/02/1948 12/05/2000 Cremation Stone + walnut tree
3A1 Carr Elizabeth 59yr 20/05/1945 Wife of James Carr
3A4 Carr Henry Arthur 59yr 04/04/1968 Husband of Ruby Carr
:2E10 Carver Alice Mary 8yr 10/03/85 Children of James & Maria
:2E10 Carver William 7yr 07/10/1884 Children of James & Maria
3G15 Coleman Jeremiah 59yr 20/01/39 Formerly of Edgefield & late of Cawston
3G12 Coleman Jonathon 28yr? 23/01/22 ?Son of Timothy & Sarah Coleman, of this parish
3G14 Coleman Sarah 85thyr 09/01/41
3G13 Coleman Timothy 91yr 15/05/38 Nearly 60yrs inhabitant of this parish
3N12 Cousins Arthur Robert 56yr 06/06/1924
3N11 Cousins Charlotte Elizabeth 50yr 05/01/1915 Wife of Arthur
1D2 Crabb Percy 65yr 21/08/1967
:1E6 Crisp Anna 57yr 22/03/82 Wife of Robert
War Mem Crisp George
3N18 Crisp James 71yr 21/06/1925 Husband of Jane
3N19 Crisp Jane 76yr 27/07/1932
3A11 Crisp Leslie William 70yr 23/03/1993 Husband, father & Grandfather
3L11 Crisp Samuel 32yr 12/04/57
3N20 Crisp Samuel 64yr 22/01/1968 Brother
3L10 Crisp Walter 5yr 10/11/51 Son of William & Elizabeth Crisp
War Mem Crisp William
3B6 Cross Charles 4mth 21/09/62 Son of William & Susanna Cross
3B6 Cross Jane 12yr 06/12/48 Daughter of William & Susanna Cross
3B7 Cross Susan Frances 68yr 12/02/78 Wife of William
3B7 Cross William Edward 81yr 10/04/88 Husband of Susan
3M28 D??? George 1869
War Mem Daniels George
3H14 Dann John 02/02/21 09/06/57
3H15 Dann John 1791 09/03/50
3H15 Dann Sam H 71yr 25/10/1860?
3M29 Davey Anna 5yr 28/09/61 Daughter of Samuel & Matilda Davey
3M29 Davey Matilda 4yr 05/10/61
3M29 Davey Samuel 40yr 03/04/64
3C13 Elden Elizabeth Mary 80yr 08/01/68
3L27 Fish Elizabeth 27yr 19/06/65
3F28 Fish Frederick James 18yr 11/08/1914 Son of George & Eliza Fish, accidently drowned in river Yare
3L26 Fish John 23yr 15/08/88 Son of Samuel & Elizabeth Fish
3L25 Fish Samuel 21/06/37 21/04/1907 Husband of Charlotte
3F9 Fleet William 68yr 22/05/18
3D9 Footstone only E.B. 1813 J.S.1821
3C1 Forder Elizabeth 85yr 18/06/69 Wife of John Forder
2D2 Forder Frank William 09/06/94 02/11/1981
3A14 Forder John 82ndyr 14/02/94
3C2 Forder John 74yr 23/12/55
3C25 Forder Martha 68yr 12/12/91
3C23 Forder Mary Ann 72yr 16/01/1903 Wife of Johnathon. Stone erected by two youngest children
3C2 Forder Samuel 2yr 16/01/50
3N2 Giles Geoffrey Bernard 18/09/1923 04/01/2002 Baptised 07/12/1941
2G5 Gillingwater Charles William (Peter) 70yr 26/04/1971 Husband of Jessie
3N7 Gillingwater Elsie Maud 93yr 14/03/1995 Wife of James
3M8 Gillingwater George 8mth 02/04/61 Son of William & Sarah Gillingwater
3N5 Gillingwater James 29yr 01/02/85 Son of William & Sarah
3N7 Gillingwater James Robert 82yr 13/08/1976 Husband of Elsie
3N10 Gillingwater Jane 75yr 06/02/1939
2G5 Gillingwater Jessie 72yr 19/04/1978 Wife of Charles
3N9 Gillingwater Robert George 49yr 30/08/1913
3M7 Gillingwater Sarah 62yr 15/03/77 Wife of William
3M8 Gillingwater William 57yr 01/12/70 Husband of Sarah
3D3 Goddard Amelia 17yr 21/01/55 Daughter of Sam. & Mary Goddard
3D1 Goddard Edward 25/10/03 02/08/75 Son of Samuel & Mary Goddard, of this parish
3A24 Goddard Edward Frederick 35yr 29/05/82
3D1 Goddard Eliza 66yr 02/05/66 Wife of John
3C4 Goddard Elizabeth 86yr 25/04/83 Mother of William
3D3 Goddard Elizabeth 25yr 26/04/28 Daughter of Samuel & Mary Goddard
3F4 Goddard Elizabeth 68yr 20/03/03 Wife of Samuel
3B26 Goddard Ellen 18yr 1886
3D1 Goddard Ellen Amelia 28yr 12/06/1806? Daughter of Edward & Esther Goddard
3D1 Goddard George Nelson 45yr 31/08/79 Son of John & Eliza Goddard
3A25 Goddard Harriet Newman 67yr 1908
3A23 Goddard Harry Robert 29yr 19/03/82 Youngest son of Edward & Esther Goddard
3D1 Goddard John 35yr 17/06/37
3B27 Goddard John Marfrey 1907
3D3 Goddard Louisa 25yr 17/02/1831? Daughter of Sam. & Mary Goddard
3D3 Goddard Mary 59yr 28/12/17 Wife of Samuel
3F5 Goddard Mary 1yr 21/12/83 Daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth
3D3 Goddard Nelsen 20yr 26/10/34 Son of Sam. & Mary Goddard
3A21 Goddard Samuel 30yr 31/08/75 Grandson of Edward & Sarah Esther Goddard,of this parish
3D3 Goddard Samuel 55yr 06/06/21 Husband of Mary
3D3 Goddard Samuel 46yr 17/02/45 Son of Sa. & Mary Goddard
3F3 Goddard Samuel 17yr 06/1791
3F1 Goddard Sarah 59yr 24/10/62
3A24 Goddard Sarah Ann 46yr 26/12/95
3D1 Goddard Sarah Esther 87yr 31/01/96
3C4 Goddard William 38yr 17/08/65 Son of Samuel & Elizabeth
3D1 Goddard William 27yr 21/12/1808? Son of Edward & Esther Goddard
3D3 Goddard William Neslen 4yr 21/11/01 son of Mary & Samuel Goddard
2G6 Goodwin Arthur 79yr 15/09/1962 Husband of Gertrude
2G6 Goodwin Gertrude 67yr 20/08/1955 Wife of Arthur
3F20 Hall Mary Ann 30yr 28/09/60 Daughter of Matthew & Elizabeth Hall
3F7 Halls Matthew 62yr 04/04/74 Husband of Sarah
2A2 Hands Daphne Mary 27/10/1926 27/12/1999 Wife of Hargrave
2A2 Hands Hargrave Patrick 02/02/1921 15/07/1999 Husband of Daphne
2A2 Hands Jeremy Wyles Hargrave 04/04/1951 11/03/1999
3B25 Hayward Clementia Eliza 52yr 31/03/92 Wife of Edward
3B23 Hayward Edward Nelson 59yr 20/05/1938 Son of late EW & CE Hayward
3B25 Hayward Edward Walter 91yr 16/05/1930 Husband of Clementia
3B24 Hayward Ellen 36yr 27/03/1914 Daughter of Edward & Clementia
3A22 Hayward Hylton 9mth 03/1881
3A22 Hayward Jessie Clementia 87yr 05/03/1971
3A22 Hayward Marian Jane 81yr 05/09/1957
3G2 Hayward Will 48yr? 29/11/69
2G8 Hunt Daisy Eva 81yr? 13/06/1975 Wife of Ernest
2G8 Hunt Ernest Samuel 71yr 15/07/1962 Husband of Daisy
1B1 Killington Alice Francis 75yr 25/05/1984 Wife of George
1B1 Killington George Edward 66yr 04/02/1973 Husband of Alice
3M21 Killington Robert 27yr 20/09/1940 Son of George & Sarah Killington
1B3 Knights Alfred John 63yr 12/03/1964
1A4 Knights Anthony Alfred Jimmy 16/02/1937 03/01/1998 Husband, dad, granddad
1A1 Knights Arthur William (Jimmy) 78yr 14/12/1981 Husband of Mary Ann
1C1 Knights Henry 77yr 25/04/1951 Husband of Sarah
War Mem Knights Henry
1A1 Knights Mary Ann Gladys 90yr 11/08/1994 Wife of (Jimmy)
1C1 Knights Sarah Ann 80yr 03/09/1952 Wife of Henry
2G7 Lake Winifred Ethel 47yr 09/09/1972
2B15 Larkman Thomas 81yr 08/03/1810
3N8 Lillycrop Frederick George 74yr 24/12/1992
3C6 Lodge John 70yr 11/08/50 Husband of Susanna. Of parish of Chedgrave, late of Needham
3C6 Lodge Susanna 87yr 16/05/64 Wife of John
3C7 Lodge Susanna 51yr 18/10/65 Daughter of John & Susanna Lodge
3N22 Lutkin Drusilla 64yr 27/06/91 Wife of Samuel
3D19 Lutkin Emma 63rdyr 25/11/1908 Wife of James
3D18 Lutkin James 63yr 11/03/1914 Husband of Emma
3F27 Lutkin Major William 17yr 11/08/1914 Son of Jane Lutkin, accidently drowned in river Yare
3D22 Lutkin Maria 22yr 26/02/75 Daughter of James & Sophia Lutkin
1B6 M(V)easey John 26yr 16/03/1821(4)
1B6 M(V)easey William 18mth 26/01/22 Son of John
3F10 Manthorpe James 82yr 21/12/57 Husband of Lydia
3F10 Manthorpe Lydia 82yr 14/12/55 Wife of James
2D6 Owen Frederick W 63yr 19/04/1965
3B5 Patterson Alfred 52yr 24/01/1922 Husband of Sarah
3N4 Pipe Dorothy Dawn Jane 67yr 02/06/1999
3N4 Pipe Florence Ella87yr 06/10/1983
3N3 Pipe Keith Sydney George 66yr 16/09/2001
3K7 Playford Mary 90yr 16/05/20 Wife of William
3K6 Playford William 84yr 02/03/13
3G10 Plow Ann 42yr 16/09/95 Wife of William
3C15 Plow Charles A 44yr 29/12/84
3F13 Plow Esther 68yr 03/04/54 Wife of Robert
3C14 Plow Joanna May 60yr 18/02/79 Wife of John Plow
3C16 Plow John 74yr 15/02/85
3F11 Plow Richard 39yr 20/11/51 Son of Robert & Esther Plow
3F13 Plow Robert 84yr 18?05/1866 Husband of Esther
3F11 Plow William 9yr 03/04/24 Son of Robert & Esther Plow
3G10 Plow William 81yr 24/??/1850 Husband of Ann
3C8 Porter? Sarah 72yr 22/06/71 Daughter of George & Sarah Porter
3M14 Preston Emily 3yr10mth 06/05/47 Daughter of James & Lydia Preston
3L17 Riches Ann 42yr 29/09/43
3K15 Riches Elizabeth 38yr 01/06/39 Wife of John
3L16 Riches Henry 15yr 12/06/43
3B3 Riches James 65yr 13/02/1944
3J14 Riches John 81yr 14/06/53
3J13 Riches Martha 64yr 07/08/65
3L18 Riches Martha 18yr 21/03/44
2F9 Riches Nora Curties 25/01/1955 Wife of Charles B Riches
3B4 Riches Sarah 69yr 28/05/1940 Wife of James Riches & the late Alfred Patterson
3J15 Riches Sarah 64yr 19/12/36 Wife of John
3K12 Riches Sarah 87yr 27/06/94 Wife of William
3K12 Riches William 73yr 09/03/79 Husband of Sarah
3J4 Roy Ann 86yr 17/02/92 Wife of James Roy, formerly wife of Jonathon Newhouse
3J5 Roy James 69yr 03/02/69
1B12 Rudram John 11yr 26/11/1810 Son of William & ?Rhoda
1B7 Rudram Maria 18yr ??/03/1820 Daughter of Sam & Mary
1B8 Rudram Mary 36yr 11/02/16 Wife of sam
1B12 Rudram William 10yr 24/11/1810 Son of William & ?Rhoda
1D10 Rudrum Amy 71yr 25/07/1872 Wife of Christopher
1D10 Rudrum Christopher 72yr 29/07/1872 Husband of Amy
1C4 Rudrum Mary 56yr 13/07/1870 Wife of Daniel
1B9 Rudrum Sam 70yr 22/04/1838
1D6 Rudrum Stephen 91yr 21/10/1895
3K21 Saddler Mary Ann 62yr 17/03/88 of Thurton, late of Hardley, Wife of Thomas
2B9 Sadler Charles 68yr 18/11/1903 Husband of Mary
3J28 Sadler George 63yr 27/05/97 Husband of Rachel
3J27 Sadler Herbert 6mth 25/12/1902 Son of Daniel & Alice Sadler
2B9 Sadler Mary 68yr 22/01/1911 Wife of Charles
3J28 Sadler Rachel 69yr 18/05/1905 Wife of George
2B10 Sadler Thomas 33yr 22/06/1906
3B22 Shepard John William 36yr 04/04/1909 Son of John & Sarah Jane Shephard
3B21 Shephard John 64yr 13/07/1910 Husband of Sarah
3B21 Shephard Sarah Jane 65yr 24/03/1916 Wife of John
3D11 Shreeve Benjamin 76yr 05/04/48
3D10 Shreeve Elizabeth 72yr 06/04/42
3K3 Shreeve Lydia
3K4 Shreeve Mary 55yr 06/10/82 Wife of William, daughter of Robert George Shreeve late of this parish
3K5 Shreeve William 43yr 30/07/73
3K3 Shreeve? Robert George
3A18 Smith George Harry 77yr 10/02/2002
1A2 Stone Mary Elizabeth 76yr 19/05/1978
1B4 Stone Peggy Irene 09/10/1925 22/03/1999 sister & aunt
2C6 Symonds Last 6days 17/07/94 Children of Frederick & Elizabeth
2C6 Symonds Selena Mary 9mth 10/05/1902 Children of Frederick & Elizabeth
War Mem Thorpe Albert
2A9 Thorpe Amos 46yr 15/07/1902
2A3 Thorpe Effa Rebecca 74yr 31/01/1961 Wife of
2A3 Thorpe Emmanuel 88yr 07/06/1960
2A3 Thorpe George 60yr 04/02/1974 Husband of Muriel
2A3 Thorpe Levi 59yr 06/01/1962 Brother
2C1 Unknown Anne
3K2 Unknown Mary
1D11 Wall Ian 1935 *1995
:2E2 Warman Charles 57yr 02/07/1951
3M19 Warman Fred 11yr7mth 17/05/84 Son of William & Martha Warman
:2E3 Warman Herbert 91yr 20/02/1951
3M20 Warman Martha 41yr 20/11/72 Wife of William
3F26 Warman Samuel 22yr 11/08/1914 Son of Herbert & Sarah Warman, accidently drowned in river Yare
:2E4 Warman Sarah 91yr? 30/01/1951
2D8 Weddup Florence Mildred 51yr 24/08/1936 Wife of Thomas
2D8 Weddup Thomas 84yr 01/03/1966 Husband of Florence
2F6 Whiting Pamela Rebecca 74yr 08/11/1961
3G11 Wigg S??? 27yr 31/05/1817? Wife of Samuel Wigg