Heckingham - St Gregory's churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2010

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Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Notes to accompany the survey - Survey notes

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
SE F10 B??????????
NE F6 BARRETT George William 70yr 05/02/44
NE F6 BARRETT Harriet 78yr 12/05/52
NW D1 BATCHELDER Ellen Maria 3yr 25/08/76 Daughter of Robert & Juliana
NW D1 BATCHELDER Julia Ellen 4yr 1904 Daughter of Robert & Juliana
NW H BATCHELDER Samuel 56yr 18/05/75 (leaving a wife and 8 children)
SW K8 BAXTER Mary Ann 33yr 11/12/63 Wife of John
SE B3 BLAKE John 65yr 23/04/85
SE G6(2) BLUNDERFIELD (Mary)Ann 19yr (9yr) 08/01/14 Daughter of Samuel & Sarah. Stone leaning against G6
BLUNDERFIELD Benjamin 54yr 23/11/70 Husband of Hannah
SE G4 BLUNDERFIELD Elizabeth 86yr 20/06/78 Wife of Francis
SE G7(2) BLUNDERFIELD Elizabeth 2mth 31/12/19 Daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann. Stone leaning against G7
SE F6 BLUNDERFIELD Francis 82yr(84) 25/06/1891(81) Late of Hales Hall.
SE G5 BLUNDERFIELD Francis 53yr 09/09/20
BLUNDERFIELD Hannah 52yr 18/02/67 Wife of Benjamin
SE G2 BLUNDERFIELD Henry 1yr 2mth 06/11/34 Son of Francis & Mary Ann, of Hales Hall
SE F5 BLUNDERFIELD John 7yr ??/03/1793 Son of Thomas & his second wife, Mary
SE F5 BLUNDERFIELD Martha 42yr 20/11/83 Wife of Thomas who died at the birth of her 13th child, & 3 infants
SE G7 BLUNDERFIELD Martha 6yr 08/02/02 Daughter of Francis & Elizabeth
SE F3 BLUNDERFIELD Mary 73yr 02/10/15 (second wife of Thomas)
SE G6 BLUNDERFIELD Mary 7yr 30/05/1811? Daughter of Francis & Elizabeth
SE F7 BLUNDERFIELD Mary Ann 84yr 23/12/88 Relict of Francis, late of Hales Hall
SE F4 BLUNDERFIELD Thomas 75yr 19/10/15 (husband of Mary Ann)
SE G3 BLUNDERFIELD Thomas Revell 25yr 29/01/61 Of Aylsham, son of Francis & Mary Ann of Hales Hall
NE D2 BREWINGTON Arthur Benjamin 87yr 27/01/63
NE D2 BREWINGTON Harriet Louisa 71yr 25/02/52
NE i8 BUCK Lilian 34yr 01/12/22 Wife of Robert
NE i10 BUCK Sarah 64yr 21/04/28 Wife of Edward
BUNTON William Hylton 22yr 10/08/28
SW D1 CLARKE Lily 60yr 18/11/81
SW F1 CLEGG Gladys 22/08/93 06/11/68 Wife of Thomas Harry
SW F2 CLEGG Monica ??/10/1932 25/10/195?
SW K5 COOK(E) Ann 95yr 20/12/37
SW K1 COOKE George Trist 8mth 11/07/31
NE J6 COOKE Lily Frances 5yr 10mth 08/01/07 Daughter of Marrian Anne COOKE
SW K1 COOKE Nelson 4yr 27/09/31
SW K4 COOKE Samuel 66yr 30/12/14
Aisle CROW John 29/07/57 son of John & Elizabeth
E end aisle CROW Mary 28/04/66 daughter of John & Elizabeth
SE G1 DENNY Barbara ?77yr 16/04/75 Widow of Stephen
SE G1 DENNY Elizabeth 63(5)yr 17/09/183(5)4 Wife of Stephen
SE G1 DENNY Stephen 06/06/68 27/08/18?1 Husband of Elizabeth
SE C3 DRAKE Charles Henry 92yr 17/10/71 Husband of Louisa
SE C3 DRAKE Louisa Lucy 77yr 13/02/60 Wife of Charles
NE G1 DRIVER Esther 12yr 27/01/68 Daughter of Adam & Mary
NE G2 DRIVER Mary 55yr 06/03/68 Wife of Adam
SW E1 EASTAUGH Jonathon Darby 74yr 10/02/55 Husband of Mary
SW E1 EASTAUGH Mary 64yr 31/10/57 Wife of Jonathon
SW i1 ELLIS Elizabeth 62yr 26/01/56 Wife of Zacharia. Also six of her children, lying at her head
SW J1 ELLIS Elizabeth 25yr 10/08/42 Wife of Samuel
SW J1 ELLIS Mary Ann 6mth 24/02/42
SW i2 ELLIS Zacharia 75yr 07/09/76 Husband of Elizabeth
SW D2 ELMER Frederick 63yr 04/04/81 Husband of Susan
SW D2 ELMER Susan (Sarah) 81yr 07/06/99 Wife of Frederick
NE H8 FAIRHEAD Dorothy 18yr 07/05/23 Only daughter of F S & A H FAIRHEAD of Hales
SW K2 FARROW Anne 27yr 23/05/46
SW B2 FARROW Anne Louisa 73yr 08/11/47 Wife of Frederick
NE F11 FARROW Charles Edward 66yr 18/06/44 Husband of Harriet
SW B2 FARROW Frederick George 68yr 24/09/40 Husband of Anne
SW B2 FARROW Frederick George 17/12/08 30/01/82 Husband of Marian
SW K2 FARROW Hannah 61yr 28/10/52
NE F11 FARROW Harriet 78yr 11/03/47 Wife of Charles
SW B2 FARROW Marian nee BALL 12/08/23 24/03/05 Wife of Frederick
SW K2 FARROW Mary 65yr 02/06/94
NE J7 FERRALL Elizabeth Collins 40yr 18/11/08 Wife of Rev Henry
NE J7 FERRALL Henry John 61yr 22/02/22 Priest & Vicar of Hales & Heckingham from 1905
SW i3 FORDER Hannah 55yr 23/02/73 Wife of James, 36yrs faithful servant of Mrs Preston, of this parish
SW L9 FORDER Hannah 46yr 17/04/29 Wife of Jonathon
SW i4 FORDER James 74yr 26/03/1899(89)
SW FORDER James 35yr 18/10/????
SW L10 FORDER Jonathon 82yr 11/12/67 Clerk of this parish for 41yrs
SW i5 FORDER Lucy 72yr 29/04/78
SW L11 FORDER Robert 16yr 12/04/39 Son of Jonathon & Hannah
SW N7 FORDER Samuel 30yr 12/01/50 Son of Jonathon & Hannah
SW G1 FORDER Sarah 78yr 15/12/27 Wife of James
SE C5 FOULSHAM William 53yr 18/07/47
SW O6 FRARY Anna Maria 19/??/1858 Wife of Edmund
SW O6 FRARY Mary Ann 19yr 22/03(12)/1860 Daughter of Anna Maria
SE F1 FRESTON Elizabeth 77yr (20)30/11/1869 Wife of John
SE F1 FRESTON John 69yr 30/10/54
NE J9 FROST Kathleen Mary 15/10/24 13/10/85
NEH9 GALER Olive Emily 20yr 13/08/23 Only daughter of C H & E A GALER
SW M11 GODDARD Martha Infant 25/10/25 Daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth
NE F10 GRAY Elizabeth Ann 74yr 28/11/36 Wife of John
NE F10 GRAY John William 77yr 21/05/48 Husband of Elizabeth
NE C8 GRICE Annie Elizabeth 79yr 13/12/72
NE C8 GRICE Philip Harry 91yr 09/09/81
SW O7 GRINT Adam 77yr 07/05/86 Husband of Mary
SW N6 GRINT Hannah 29yr 05/07/61 Daughter of Adam & Mary
SW O7 GRINT Mary 81yr 07/06/89 Wife of Adam
NE A9 HALES HOSP Former residents Names recorded inside church
NW G8 HAYWARD Ellen 29yr 11/01/72 Daughter of Nelson & Martha of Norton Subcourse
NW G7 HAYWARD Frederick Richard 75yr 23/01/93 of Darsham Hall
NW G2 HAYWARD Keziah 100yr 22/02/78 Relict of Richard
NW G6 HAYWARD Martha 35yr 21/08/56 Wife of Frederick R of Ellingham
NW G9 HAYWARD Martha 82yr 27/05/82 Widow of Nelson HAYWARD
NW G4 HAYWARD Nelson 68yr 02/12/70 Late of Norton Subcourse
NW G1 HAYWARD Richard 81yr 05/10/54 Of this parish
NW G3 HAYWARD William Hylton 33yr 16/07/33
NW G5 HAYWARD William Richard 16yr 10/03/54 Son of Nelson & Martha
NW G12 HOVELLS Anna 29yr 24/09/81 Daughter of Samuel & Emily
NW G11 HOVELLS Emily 70yr 24/03/05 Wife of Samuel
NW G10 HOVELLS Samuel 83yr 09/04/18 Husband of Emily
SE F2 HUNT James 45yr 14/11/15 Husband of Lydia
SE F2 HUNT Lydia 55yr 31/01/32 Wife of James & daughter of Thomas & Martha BLUNDERFIELF
NE F7 JACKSON John 28/08/74
NE E5 KETT Ellen 74yr 14/05/63 Wife of John
NE E5 KETT John 64yr 09/10/47 Husband of Ellen
NW H KILBORN Harriet 79yr 10/07/24 Wife of Thomas
NW H KILBORN Thomas 74yr 02/06/17 Husband of Harriet
NE E1 KITTLE Elsie Annia 65yr 19/07/44 Wife of Samuel
NE E1 KITTLE Roy 66yr 23/05/79 Son of Samuel & Elsie
NE E1 KITTLE Samuel Arthur 79yr 09/01/59 Husband of Elsie
NE G7 LOCK James G 48yr 06/06/28 Husband of Kate
NE G7 LOCK Kate 62yr 06/02/39 Widow of James
NE i1 LOCK Sarah 10/09/68 18/09/12
SW E1 LODGE Sarah 95yr 04/03/66 Daughter of Wright & Sarah EASTAUGH
NE G3 MARTIN Mary Ann 28yr 25/04/73 Wife of Henry & daughter of Adam & Mary DRIVER
NE D5 MAYHEW Hilda Sophia 89yr 16/08/78
NE J8 McCLINTOCK Lawson Tait 39yr 11/11/18 M.B. Ch.B (Doctor at Loddon)
NE J8 McCLINTOCK Louise Maud 82yr 16/01/60 Wife of Lawson Tait
NE J8 McCLINTOCK Margaret Roselind 1916 26/05/05 Wife of Robert
NE J8 McCLINTOCK Robert Dudley Tait Eldest son of Lawson Tait & Louise Maud
NE H10 MEEN Harriette Elizabeth 71yr 14/06/24
SW O3 MIDDLETON Edward 72yr 27/12/47
SE H6 MIDDLETON Elizabeth 39yr 20(24)/08/1831 Wife of Jacob & daughter of Francis & Elizabeth BLUNDERFIELD
SE H5 MIDDLETON Jacob 81yr 17/04/71 Died in Aylsham
SW O2 MIDDLETON Mary 65yr 06/04/55
Nave MINGAY Mary Daughter
Nave MINGAY William ??/04/1713 Gent
Nave MINGAY William Son
NE i9 MOORE Ellen 54yr 24/02/23 Wife of George
NE F9 MOORE R S 34yr 27/12/40 Royal Engineers, Sapper 2136122
NE E4 MORTIMER George James 67yr 09/02/45 Husband of Gertrude Louisa
NE i5 O'FERRALL Margaret 1894 02/06/05
NW F2 OSBORN Frances 66yr 27/09/57
NE PITCHERS Elizabeth 92yr 28/01/22
NE PITCHERS John 73yr 29/01/98
SE C4 PLUMMER Lucy 1919 13/06/05 Sister of John & mother of Norman
NE PRIME Frederick R 54yr 19/05/28
NE PRIME Lilie Eliza 29/07/30
NE C5 RABONG Joan Mary 79yr 27/10/05
NE C5 RABONG Stephan 57yr 24/12/71
SE D1 READ Ann 75yr 28/06/23 2nd wife of John READ
SE E4 READ Ann 66yr 29/11/90
SE E8 READ Ann 60yr 15/06/18 Wife of John
?SE D2 READ Elizabeth 33yr 18/04/91 Wife of John
SE E7 READ James 17yr 02/09/13 Son of John & Ann
SE D2 READ John 65yr 13/01/32
SE D3 READ John 33yr 18/04/91
SE E9 READ John 77yr 25/05/30
SE E4 READ William 77yr 14/03/96
SE E5 READ William 43yr ??/08/1801
SE E6 READ William 22yr 23/01/10 Son of John & Ann
NW H RIX Happy Emily 12yr 17/04/81 Daughter of Robert & Harriet
NW H RIX Rose Hannah 29yr 17/07/96 Wife of Nelson
SW A1 ROBINSON Louisa Sarah 68yr 23/04/42
NE K1 RUNICLES Theodorea 09/11/17 01/11/33
SE E2 SADD Elizabeth Infant Daughter of William & Harriet
SE E2 SADD Harriet 28yr 03/01/26 Wife of William
NE A6 SAMPSON Frederick 68yr 12/12/83
SE E10 SAVORY John 78yr 11/04/62
NE G6 SCULPHER Eliza 77yr 07/06/34 Wife of William
SE H1 SCULPHER Sarah Ann 66yr 03/03/86 Wife of John
NE G6 SCULPHER William 87yr 23/06/34 Husband of Eliza
NE H5 SHARDALOW William 80yr 26/01/75
SE A2 SIZELAND Emma Mary 88yr 19/02/90 Church warden 1963-1978
SE B5 SMITH George Gibson 07/07/24 09/12/69
NE G11 SMITH Hilda 71yr 28/09/59
SW E2 SMITH James 51yr 21/09/44 Husband of Susannah
SW E2 SMITH James 35yr 18/10/???? Third son of James & Susannah
SE B4 SMITH Nicholas Charles 22yr 05/01/83
SE B4 SMITH Philip John 10yr 28/05/75
SMITH Ruth 78yr 05/05/33 Wife of William
SW E2 SMITH Susannah 67yr 23/10/57 Wife of James
SE D5 SMITH William 60(20)yr (8)18/10/1818(6)
SE H4 SPENCE Alexander 73yr 02/12/88 of Heckingham
SE H3 SPENCE Frances 82yr 27/10/14 Widow of the late Alexander
SE H2 SPENCE Mary Ann 29yr 04/01/91 Youngest daughter of late Alexander and Frances
NE D10 STIMPSON Arthur John 7yr 30.05/1980
NE A1 TANN George 30yr 1853 ?(31/07/1860 Drowned at Scarborough)?
NE A TANN George 27yr 01/11/85 Son of George died at Hales
NE A TANN Robert 73yr 26/01/79 Footstone with RT 1879
NE D9 Unknown
SW C1 UnKnown
SW K12 UnKnown
SE C2 Unknown
SE D6 Unknown
NW ABC Vacant rows
NE D6 WARD Austin Samuel 77yr 05/09/61 Husband of Mabel
SW G1 WARD Lucy 21yr 22/06/01 Wife of Richard & daughter of Sarah FORDER
NE D6 WARD Mabel Elizabeth 85yr 01/01/76 Wife of Austin
NW H WARMAN Frederick 10yr 18/05/95 Son of Charlotte & Isaac Brister (sic)
NE H7 WESTRUP Harriet 87yr 05/06/27 Wife of Horace
NE H6 WESTRUP Horace 74yr 13/02/22 Husband of Harriet
NW F10 WHINES Charlotte 67yr 28/07/81 Late of Hales, wife of Robert
NW F11 WHINES Robert 73yr 21/04/85 Late of Hales, husband of Charlotte
NE C8 WHITE Vera 31/01/21 03/01/03 Nee GRICE
WHITING Amelia Charlotte 74yr 08/10/26
WHITING James 84yr 14/10/33
NE D7 WOODROW Arthur James 64yr 04/08/63
SE G10 WOODS Charles 67yr 25/02/73 Of this parish
SW J10 WOODS Ellen M 67yr 07/06/25 Wife of Samuel
SW K11 WOODS Emma 57yr 30/05/12 Wife of Samuel
SW K11 WOODS Gertrude Jane 15yr 19/07(05)/1903 Daughter of Samuel & Emma
SW J10 WOODS Samuel Thomas 47yr 07/02/27 Son of Ellen
SE G10 WOODS Sarah 52yr 23/11/68 Wife of Charles
SW J6 YOUNGMAN Susanna 49yr 27/03/92 Wife of William
SW J5 YOUNGMAN William 63yr 21/09/02