Langley - St Michael's churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2005

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Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
B26 Abel James 61yr 16/05/85 husband of Mary Ann
B25 Abel Mary Ann 67yr 09/01/89 wife of James
A12 Adams Mary Ann 82yr 14/03/1898 wife of William
A11 Adams William 90yr 20/04/1909 husband of Mary Ann
c40 B B A *1889 Footstone
c40 B J *1881 Footstone
c2 B S *1899 Footstone
C3 Barber Samuel Seckar 38yr *1732 late of St Stephens
D15 Beauchamp Proctor Algenon 11yr 06/03/1879 Caister Life Boat given in remembrance by brother Reginald
D10 Beauchamp Proctor Anne (Dame) wife of William
D13 Beauchamp Proctor Caroline (Dame) 03/07/98 wife of Thomas. Daughter of 2nd Lord Radstock
D16 Beauchamp Proctor Charlotte 74yr 08/09/1852 eldest daughter of Robert Palmer Esq. of Hurst in Berks.
D10 Beauchamp Proctor Emma 6th yr 01/02/1827 4th Daughter of William & Anne
D16 Beauchamp Proctor Geo 79yr 10/05/1838 Esq. of Ford Place, Thetford, brother of late Sir Thomas BP
D15 Beauchamp Proctor Granville Pelham 34yr 10/12/89 died at Los Angeles.
D17 Beauchamp Proctor Jane Mary (Dame) 89yr 25/12/1847
D10 Beauchamp Proctor Julia 12yr 03/10/1828 3rd Daughter of William & Anne
D13 Beauchamp Proctor Robert 26yr 23/05/1813 son of Sir Thomas & Dame Maryinterred at Bangalore where he was serving as Captain in the honourable company's horse artillary
D6 Beauchamp Proctor Thomas 70yr 29/06/27 Qui Vitae Filum Abrupit
D13 Beauchamp Proctor Thomas 5yr 17/06/1789 son of Sir Thomas & Dame Mary
D17 Beauchamp Proctor Thomas (Sir) 71yr 29/06/1827
D13 Beauchamp Proctor Thomas W B (Sir) 07/10/74 husband of Caroline. Chancel restoredby Reginald their son
D12 Beauchamp Proctor William (Rev) 36yr 19/03/53 son of William. Rector of Chedgrave & perpetual curate of this parish. Killed by a fall from his carriage.
D10 Beauchamp Proctor William (Sir) Baronet
A8 Bedingfield Maud 52yr 20/02/1834 Wife of Edward
C10 Bedingfield Samuel 15mth 09/05/42 son of Edward & Elizabeth
D4 Berney Mary 78yr 06/07/1625 late wife of Robert Berney, Gent.daughter of James Hobart of Hales Hall
D5 Berney Robert 79yr 23/08/28 Esq.
B50 Bickers Samuel 91yr 24/09/99 stone erected by his grandchildren in the Natal mounted police who were at the front in South Africa
A17 Bidewell Rose 17yr 17/06/1911 Daughter of Frank & Jane
A26 Blackwood Reginald D V *1924 *1990 Caretaker at Langley School 1950 - 1990
B19 Blaza Elizabeth 30yr 05/08/79 wife of George, of this parish.
C1 Boardman Jonas 52yr 29/06/84 husband of Sarah
B5 Boardman Sarah Ann 55yr 11/02/89 wife of John
A24 Boorer Alfred Victor 80yr 15/02/1981 husband of Laura Kate
A24 Boorer Laura Kate 84yr 09/04/1985 wife of Alfred Victor
A36 Bray Sarah 60yr 08/11/1821 wife of James, daughter of Christopher & Mary Twiss formerly of this place
B3 Brewer John 67yr *1766 husband of Mary
B3 Brewer Mary 61yr *1768 wife of John
B47 Bridgman Louisa 95yr 07/02/1922 wife of Richard
B47 Bridgman Richard 70yr 10/05/1901 husband of Louisa
D3 Burton Elizabeth 63yr 16/12/08 wife of Henry
D3 Burton Henry 67yr 15/12/05 Gent. husband of Elizabeth
c40 C (1914 Footstone
A2 C D *1855 Footstone
A2 C E *1830 Footstone
c11 C F *1895 Footstone
c11 C J *1819 Footstone
c17 C J *1878
A3 C M *1868 Footstone
c32 C R *1822 Footstone
c12 C S *1848 Footstone
c26 C S *1848 Footstone
c12 C W *1842 Footstone
c33 C W *1833 Footstone
C20 Carver 77yr 24/10/89
B65 Carver James 60yr 03/02/19 husband of Mary
C13 Carver James 3mth 10/12/1878 son of James & Maria
B65 Carver Mary 81yr 18/10/47 wife of James
C31 Carver Robert 22weeks 20/02/40 son of William & Elizabeth
C34 Catchpool John 19/12/1835 husband of Elizabeth
B59 Chamberlin William 81yr 07/01/1842
B2 Chilvers Frances 66yr 20/04/95
B2 Chilvers George 87yr 19/01/1914
D7 Colombine Elizabeth MDCCLXV1
C11 Copling Maria 17yr 22/07/28 daughter of William & Sarah
C32 Copling Sarah 15/02/?? wife of William
C6 Copling William 3yr 26/12/1836 son of William & Maria
C29 Copling William 45yr 29/07/33
B8 Copping John
C14 Cossey Richard 61yr 02/09/1822
A15 Crickmore Maria 25yr 17/01/1855 daughter of George & Elizabeth
A3 Crisp Daniel 82yr 11/01/50
A7 Crisp Daniel 27yr 10/06/1855 Son of William & Mary
A4 Crisp Elizabeth 78yr 05/01/1830 Wife of Daniel
A5 Crisp Frances 51yr 18/12/1828 wife of William
A6 Crisp Mary ? ? ?Wife of William ? footstoneA3
A1 Crisp Susan 87yr 09/04/1937 wife of William
A1 Crisp William 72yr 13/01/1923 husband of Susan
A2 Crisp William 83yr 18/12/1872
B41 Cumby Charles 9yr 27/09/1868 son of Moore & Mary Ann, of this parish
B40 Cumby George 17yr 10/07/1874 son of Moore & Mary Ann, of this parish
c26 Cumby James *1835 Footstone
B39 Cumby Mary Ann 64yr 16/07/1884 wife of Moore Cumby
B38 Cumby Moore 76yr 28/08/89
B1 E A.L. *1917 Footstone
B23 E J *1888 Footstone (stone eroded away)
A22 Easter Alice Mary 4yr 4mth 23/12/95 child of George Daniel & Anna Matilda Spence
B24 Ecclestone Edward 90yr 22/01/75
B46 Ecclestone Samuel 17yr 28/11/70
B6 Edge Arthur Lweis 12yr 8mth 09/11/1917 son of Arthur & Lily
B21 Ellis Jane -14181 24/12/67 daughter of Benjamin & Mary
A20 Ellis John 78yr 24/03/1908 husband of Mahala
A20 Ellis Mahala 90yr 20/01/1919 wife of John
B18 Ellis Mary Ann 24yr 21/08/1888 daughter of Benjamin & Mary
B35 Ellis Sophia Carver 56yr 25/04/1880 wife of George Ellis
B22 Ellis Vioet Judith 11yr 03/03/1883 only child of James & Eve Hannah Ellis
A16 Everett Elizabeth 71yr 16/10/1926 Mother
A16 Everett Leonard 26yr 04/04/1917 Brother, killed in action in France
A16 Everett William 76yr 22/11/1926 Father
c2 F E *1910 Footstone
c32 F E *1888 Footstone
c2 F J *1908 Footstone
c32 F J *1888 Footstone
B28 F W *1821 Footstone
C16 Fish William 36yr 11/08/1891
A21 Forder Eliza 52yr 08/08/88 wife of Charles Forder of Langley
B9 Forder Harriet 66yr 22/01/1908 wife of Charles
A21 Forder John 20yr 04/03/88 son of Charles & Eliza, unfortunately lost at sea
B29 Forder William 56yr 30/11/21 Eleven years clerk of this parish
B51 Frary Eliza 73yr 13/01/1910
B51 Frary John 76yr 29/04/1908 stone erected by loving grandson=AWHall, St Augustines St Norwich
B48 Frary Samuel 61yr 12/07/1925
D2 Freston Ann 66th yr 22/02/1816 wife of Anthony
D2 Freston Anthony 87th yr 20/02/1823 Gent. husband of Ann
D2 Freston Samuel 14th yr 13/04/86 son of Anthony & Ann
A23 Frost Peter Thomas Gerald *21/07/1987 39/10/1989 aged 2yr
B14 Garrett George William 7days 14/02/67 son of Aaron & Eliza
B11 Gray Mary 90yr 24/02/72 wife of William
B12 Gray William 92yr 28/09/72 husband of Mary
B44 Hall Caroline 21yr 28/12/18 daughter of John & Elizabeth
B43 Hall Elizabeth 54yr 03/05/1849 wife of John
C24 Hall Elizabeth 60yr 26/12/78 daughter of John & Elizabeth Hall
B42 Hall John 67yr 15/05/1858
A35 Hargrave Ma??? ?70yr ?/?/1851 ?wife of Thomas
A34 Hargrave Thomas 78yr 26/02/58
C23 Harrod George 57yr? 08/10/1901 husband of Mary Ann
C12 Harvey Mary Ann -30966 17/02/1859 daughter of William & Sarah
C12 Harvey William 71yr 27/10/1858
C25 Harwood James 58yr 28/02/1869
D11 Hobart Edward 74yr 16/05/38
A13 Hobart Mary 74yr 05/05/24 (Tomb) died at Catton. Widow of Revd H C Hobart, Canon of Hereford. Eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Beauchamp Proctor
D9 Hobart Mary Tomb outside (A13) memorial inside
B67 Hubbard Henry 70yr 09/09/1833 husband of Sarah
C33 Hubbard James 30yr 18/04/1826 Henry & Sarah
B67 Hubbard Sarah 89yr 24/03/50 wife of Henry
B54 Johnson Ann 19yr 05/06/72 daughter of John & Sarah who died at Langley Abby
C38 Johnson Ann *1772
B56 Johnson John 68yr 25/06/1782 who died at Langley Abbey
B58 Johnson Mary ?9 09/11/1813 wife of William, died at Carleton
B57 Johnson Russells 64yr 24/07/1811 son of John & Sarah, who died at Filby
C36 Johnson Thomas 33rd yr 01/04/1804
B58 Johnson William 69yr 09/03/25 husband of Mary, who died at Carleton
B7 Kerry William 45yr 12/03/77 husbanf of Elizabeth
B20 Lanham Mary Ann 21yr 10/04/1872 wife of James, of All Saints South Elmham
B36 Lowe Helen 43yr 12/02/1903
A33 Maidment Maria 26yr 29/07/17 wife of Ambrose
B64 Merry Frances 11yr 15/07/1787 daughter of James & Mary
B64 Merry James 74yr 20/05/12 husband of Mary, who died at Carleton
B64 Merry Mary 43yr 05/02/1786 wife of James
A40 Oldrin Jane 35yr 18/09/47 wife of Samuel, daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Spence
A40 Oldrin Samuel 47yr 01/01/49 husband of Jane, farmer, late of Rumburgh, Suffolk
B16 Osborn John Henry -12467 06/12/1869 child of Richard & Harriett
B15 Osborn Richard 48yr 01/02/89 husband of Harriet
B68 Palmer Maria 3yr 26/12/41 child of Ambrose & Maria
B68 Palmer Read Ambrose 5mth 12/01/38 child of Ambrose & Maria
B17 Pride Ann 59yr 15/09/82 wife of James of Horsley, Gloucester, who died at Langley
c27 R *1858 Footstone
C7 Rogers Elizabeth 87yr 21/02/1844 wife of Thomas
C7 Rogers Thomas 81yr 06/02/44 husband of Elizabeth
c32 Rudd A *1860 Footstone
C26 Rudd Amelia
B66 Rudd Barbara 27yr 31/08/73 daughter of John & Amelia
C27 Rudd Elizabeth 11yr 20/10/1861 daughter of John & Amelia
C28 Rudd Mary Anne 63yr 04/04/97 widow of late William, formerly of Denton
C17 Rudd Rosetta 20weeks 29/01/1858 child of John & Pamela
c32 Rudd T R *1860 Footstone
A10 Rudd William 47yr 26/03/1887 husband of Mary Anne: son of John & Amelia
B27 Russell James 765yr 29/03/10
B28 Russell Mary 81yr 09/06/54
c33 S J *1901 Footstone
c2 S M A *1851 Footstone
B53 Sadler Maria 86yr 11/02/1917
B52 Sadler Robert 83yr 10/10/1911 son of Maria
B53 Sadler Robert 23yr 03/09/1916 son of Walter & Maria Anne Wright, killed in action at Somme, in France
C5 Short Mary Ann 2yr 30/11/1851
C4 Short Samuel 6yr 16/01/56
B55 Skinner Elizabeth 20yr 29/09/1776 wife of Robert daughter of John & Sarah Johnson. Died at Billockby
B49 Skinner John ?? ???
A39 Spence Charlotte 76yr 19/10/77 wife of Robert Peter
c5 Spence E *1820
c15 Spence E *1858 Footstone
A41 Spence Elizabeth 81yr 11/12/58 wife of Peter
A30 Spence Emma Brown 9yr 06/06/1860 daughter of James & Mary
A32 Spence Frederick Robert 24yr 02/04/1904 son of Sarah & Robert, died in Hong Kong
A28 Spence James 73yr 29/10/83 of The Beeches, Loddon, husband of Mary
A27 Spence James Henry 49yr 08/09/1919 Only son of Peter James Spence & Harriet Carver
A38 Spence Jane 64yr 17/04/1901 daughter of Robert Peter & Charlotte Spence
A28 Spence Mary 81yr 10/08/91 wife of James, who died at Hardley
A31 Spence Mary Elizabeth 17yr 21/04/72 daughter of James & Mary
c15 Spence P *1846 Footstone
A41 Spence Peter 71yr 17/02/46 husband of Elizabeth
A29 Spence Peter James 23yr 23/05/71 son of James & Mary Spence
A39 Spence Robert Peter 81yr 12/03/86 husband of Charlotte
A32 Spence Sarah Ann(e) 54yr 08/05/99 mother, widow of late Robert Riches Spence
B62 Stimpson Elizabeth 79yr 13/12/1824
B63 Stimpson Emily 19yr 21/01/1829 daughter of Robert & Sarah
C2 Stimpson Eva 20yr 11/08/08 wife of Barzillat
B32 Stimpson Francis 61yr 23/04/1855 wife of Barzillia
B31 Stimpson James Carver 32yr 01/10/46 son of Barzillia & Francis
B33 Stimpson John Carver 36yr 21/08/57 son of Barzilila & Francis, who died from a fall from a wagon
B10 Stimpson Mary 78yr 10/03/99 wife of Robert
B13 Stimpson Robert 61yr 06/04/73 husband of Mary
B62 Stimpson Robert 78yr 03/12/1818
C21 Stimpson Robt 68yr 08/11/1844 husband of Sarah
B34 Stimpson Samuel 51yr 14/11/1866 husband of Esther
B37 Stimpson Sarah Ann 79yr 27/03/1931 wife of William
B37 Stimpson William 79yr 01/01/1926 husband of Sarah Ann
B30 Stimpson William Carver 25yr 18/12/25 son of Barzillia & Francis
C40 Stout Susan 27yr *1725
C19 Sutton Margarett 4th yr 11/05/1878 daughter of Elijah & Jane
B60 Thorp James 29yr 29/08/1817
B60 Thorp Jeremiah 26yr 29/08/1811?
C9 Thorpe Sarah 29yr 20/03/20 wife of William, daughter of Will Seaman
A37 Twiss Christopher 05/12/1782
C22 Unknown 27yr 19/06/1853
C37 Unknown Ann died in infancy
A14 Unknown Edmund? 23yr 21/07?/1868
C39 Unknown Susanna 70yr 12/03/???
B45 Vincent Edward 63yr 08/10/1966 husband of Ethel (Lucy)
B45 Vincent Ethel Lucy 64yr 28/02/1970 wife of Edward
c13 W J *1851
A9 Walpole William 24yr 06/03/23
A18 Whitwood Hannah 82yr 08/01/1905 wife of the late John Whitwood
A19 Whitwood John 60yr 22/07/1881 husband of Hannah
A25 Young Christopher David 59yr 21/09/1988