Mundham - St Peter's churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2006

Click  Mundhan St Peters  for a sketch map of the churchyard which shows the approximate position of the graves.

Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
5K5 Baker Olive 13/06/1918 12/06/1992 wife of Percy
5K5 Baker Percy (Tubby) 26/10/1910 27/03/2004 husband of Olive
5M1 Baldwin Ellen 59yr 21/05/1950 wife if James
5M1 Baldwin James 67yr 03/08/1958 husband of Ellen
5F13 Bale Hannah 87yr 19/09/1915
5B1 Balls Ellen L M 65yr 10/10/1984 wife, mum & nan
5C1 Balls Jack 16/03/1917 05/08/1995 husband, dad & Gdad
5L3 Bamsey Ethel 89yr 26/04/1979 wife
5L3 Bamsey Sydney 69yr 04/07/1955 husband of Ethel & dad
5W1 Batchelor Beetham Arthur Leeman *1871 *1941 husband of Phillippa
5W1 Batchelor Diana Mary *1903 *1974 daughter of Phillippa & Beetham
5W1 Batchelor Phillippa Maud *1875 *1960 wife of Beetham
2D2 Baxter Hannah ?1799 wife of John
2D1 Baxter John
2C4 Baynes Esme 56yr 27747 wife & Mother
5M2 Betts Samuel 57yr 12/02/40
5R1 Betts Thomas Joshua 78yr 07/071960
5P10 Bishop Richard 69yr 25/05/69
5P7 Bishop Richard 66yr 18/05/90
5P9 Bishop Richard 56yr 20/01/50
5P8 Bishop Sarah 62yr 20/12/1787 wife of Richard
5L7 Brightly Daniel 97yr 03/02/1797 husband of Mary
5L7 Brightly Mary 86yr 10/01/99 wife of Daniel
2A4 Butcher A C
2A3 Butcher Arthur John 83yr 25156 husband
2A3 Butcher Ethel May 74yr 20/08/1960 wife of Arthur
2A2 Butcher H B R 21yr 15088 2658972 Guardsman/ Coldstream Guards
2B2 Butcher Stephen H 69yr 02/06/1994 brother & uncle
2B3 Butcher William 85yr 23/06/2000 brother & uncle
*5E1 Butler Arthur Edwin 72yr 02/09/1995 husband, dad & Gdad
5F1 Butler Jim 2yr 8mth 25/09/1978 a brave lttle boy
2C3 Cannell Charles 73yr ??/02/186? Brother to James C
2B5 Cannell Elizabeth 85yr 02/12/1835
2B5 Cannell James 72yr 28/07/12
2C3 Cannell James C 73yr 21/02/1856 son of James &Elizabeth
5S2 Cossey David 76yr 15/03/1865 husband of Sarah
5S2 Cossey Sarah 88yr 05/07/1880 wife of David
5H4 Dawson Robert 25588
5U2 Dixon Elizabeth 21/11/87 daughter of Jhn & Ann Lee, wife of Samuel Dixon of Corton
5D1 Donovan Theo
5O10 Doubleday Edward 73yr 6257 husband of Maria
5O10 Doubleday Edward (Private) 32yr 6000 son of Edward & Maria, killed in action
5O9 Doubleday George Frank 89yr 29089 husband of Ida Elizabeth
5O9 Doubleday Ida Elizabeth 81yr 23/07/1989 wife of George
5N9 Doubleday James 67yr 26/04/1882
5F6 Ellerton Edith Annie 71yr 18/05/1980
5F6 Ellerton Ernest Harll 74yr 22/03/1980
5G7 Fenn Amy Louisa Marjorie 90yr 06/12/1991 wife of William
5G6 Fenn Dick William 35yr 21664
2B4 Fenn Marjorie Emma May 84yr 38777
5G7 Fenn William Frank 79yr 28827 husband of Amy
5N10 Flaxman Hannah 72yr 27/05/41 wife of William
5M12 Flaxman Mary Magdalene 80yr 21/04/1837 wife of Theo
5N11 Flaxman Sarah 71yr 18/04/1873 wife of William
5M12 Flaxman Theophilus 85yr 11/02/1837 husband of Mary
5N12 Flaxman William 71yr 15/10/1873
2C2 Gowing William 36yr 25/11/53
5K11 Grimer Ellen 64yr 02/12/91
5G13 Holder Ada Evelyn 53yr 23/06/1964 wife of Henry
5H11 Holder Florence Louisa 75yr 13/08/1952 wife of George
5H11 Holder George William 87yr 22257 husband of Florence
5G13 Holder Henry George 78yr 31485 husband of Ada
5G14 Holder Robert Edward 5035 35406 brother & uncle
5P6 Holmes Eliz 82yr 22/12/71
5P5 Holmes Gulielmi 63yr 10/06/1780(9)
5F17 Humphrey George 19yr 05/08/61
*5E17 Humphrey Obadiah 06/06/77 02/12/43
5L1 Hurton Arthur S 86yr 27341 husband of Mary
5L1 Hurton Mary 82yr 27691 wife of Arthur
5K1 Key Freda Mary 5144 14/01/1998 daughter of Frederick
5K1 Key Frederick 76yr 11/02/1960
5U4 Lee Ann 78yr 13/06/78 wife of John
5U3 Lee John 94yr 02/09/94
5J1 Mann Charlotte Pollard 73yr 26/11/68
5V3 Mayhew John 12/06/02
5K3 Meek Amelia ?6yr 11/03/34 daughter of Saul & Emma Meek
5U5 Mitchell Anne 75yr 14/12/09 wife of James
5P1 Nursey John 71yr 04/07/07 husband of Sarah
5Q2 Nursey Mary 25yr 25/11/92 Daughter of John & Sarah
5Q3 Nursey Richard 20yr 09/02/97
5P1 Nursey Sarah 88yr 13/12/01 wife of John
5S3 Orlly Hannah 81yr 11/01/59 relict of Robert Orlly
5S4 Orlly Robert 36yr 29/08/48
5M13 Osborne Theophilus 4yr 4mth 12/02/28 son of John & Elizabeth, gson of Theo & Mary Flaxman
5G12 Parsons Doris 95yr 36239 wife of Walter
5G12 Parsons Walter R E 65yr 23810 husband of Doris
5F3 Patterson Mary 70yr 30/10/35 wife to William
5F3 Patterson William 82yr 01/06/47 husband to Mary
5F4 Patterson William 18yr 08/03/10
5O13 Pointer Frances 72yr 12/12/21 wife of Robert
5O11 Pointer Hannah 27yr 08/09/1803(5) sister
5O13 Pointer Robert 66yr 28/05/1821 husband of Frances
5O11 Pointer Samuel 53yr? 01/09/1808
5O12 Pointer William 45yr? 11/12/11
5O12 Pointer William 15yr 10/04/15 son of William
5F7 Poll Edward 'Teddy'
2A5 Pope George ?1863
2A5 Pope George ?1832
5L10 Roberts ? Nov?
5L8 Roberts Elizabeth 93yr 05/11/1823 wife of John
5K9 Roberts Henry Mann 51yr? 04/03/1854 son of Michael & Sarah
5L8 Roberts John 96yr 11/08/1816 husband of Elizabeth
5L11 Roberts Samuel 72yr 09/12/1843
5K8 Roberts Sarah 76yr 10/09/1816 wife of William
5L9 Roberts William 29yr 07/02/1780
5K9 Roberts William Henry 9yr 06/06/1884 son of Henry Mann & Ann Caroline, gson of Henry
5K8 Roberts Williams 82yr 11/01/1853 husband of Sarah
5I7 Robinson Christopher 61yr 24/07/2003 husband of Susan, dad & Gdad
5G7 Robinson Evelyn May 86yr 22/01/2006
5I7 Robinson Susan 49yr 05/02/1994 wife of Christopher, mum & nanny
5O1 Rummer Louisa 11yr 07/10/1813 daughter of Susan & Richard
5O1 Rummer Richard 75yr 18/01/1905 Husband of Susan
5O1 Rummer Susan 57yr 11/02/1836 wife of Richard
5I3 Seely Alice Iris 80yr 03/08/1986 wife of James
5I4 Seely Edward James 8498 22/12/2003 husband of Eveline
5I4 Seely Eveline 7695 29/12/2000 wife of Edward
5I3 Seely James William 94yr 03/10/1989 husband of Alice
5I6 Skinner Sybil May 94yr 37127
5Y1 Spurgeon Mary Ann 63yr 03/07/1878 wife of Samuel
5X1 Spurgeon Samuel 13yr 02/01/1861 son of Samuel & Mary Ann
5H10 Squires Georgina 50yr 31/08/1961 nee Holder
5F2 Stevenson Alfred William Emms 76yr 17/08/1961 husband to May
5F2 Stevenson May Elizabeth 74yr 22/02/1962 wife to Alfred
5H3 Stone Edgar Brian 76yr 03/02/1968 husband of Hannah
5H3 Stone Hannah 86yr 13/06/1977 wife of Edgar
5H6 Stone Robert Michael 88yr 31189 husband, dad & Gdad
5H1 Sturman William 72yr 16876 husband of Kate
5A1 Threlfall Doreen 'Dodie' 11658 34023
5G3 Turner Charles 85yr 21/11/1972 husband of Edith
5G3 Turner Edith Ellen 82yr 24/01/1973 wife of Charles
5F5 Walker Bertie 52yr 05/09/1960 husband to Louisa
5F5 Walker Louisa Annie 69yr 27574 wife to Bertie
5J6 Warren Frances 47yr 18/09/69 wife of William
5J5 Warren Harry 16yr 22/12/82 son of William & Frances Warren
5D2 Whitby Michael uncle to Theo Donovan
5V1 Wigg Ann 90yr ??/02/1778 wife of John
5F2 Woodcock Betty May 1929 15/06/1905 (daughter)
5H12 Wright Elizabeth 67yr 5662 wife of Robert
5H12 Wright Robert 67yr 5506 husband of Elizabeth