Raveningham - St Andrew's churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2007

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Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
N1 Rycardi In Latin!
WM Alden Walter B WW1
WD32 Alden Walter Baden 18yr 21/10/1918 Died at Chatham Hosp. Nephew of James, Henry Alden, William & Francis Smith killed in Grt War
SC1 Ambleford Thomas 12/09/1696 One of Chief Constables of this Hundred
WC15 Andrews Frances 44yr 27/09/1833 Wife of Robert
WC11 Andrews James 88yr 14/06/30
WA22 Andrews Mary Gwladys 29/04/1953 Wife of Thomas
WC14 Andrews Robert 3mths 04/06/1827 Son of Robert & Frances
WC16 Andrews Robert 79yr 13/02/1863
WC12 Andrews Sarah 82yr 24/03/1825 Wife of James
WA22 Andrews Thomas 71yr 15/12/1924 Husb of Mary Vicar of Raveningham, Jan 1916-Nov 1924
WD29 Anguish George 75yr 27/08/1906 Husb of Mary Ann
WD29 Anguish Mary Ann 46yr 01/10/82 Wife of George
CL1 Arnold Bridget 76yr 24/04/1975
CL1 Arnold William Noel 86yr 25/04/1973
WA30 Audley Samuel 86yr 09/02/1910
C5 Bacon Ann 68yr 05/03/85 Sister of Castell Bacon
C5 Bacon Castell 57yr 13/04/70 Son of Sir Edmund Bacon of Gillingham by Dame Mary his second wife, eldest daug & coheiress of John Castell Esq. late of Raveningham
CL2 Bacon Christopher Henry 1905 *1956
CK1 Bacon Constance 92ndyr 11/02/1962 Wife of Nicholas
CM2 Bacon Edith Mary 1864 *1950 Wife of Thomas
CK2 Bacon Edmund Castell 1903 *1982 KG. Husb of Priscilla
C5 Bacon Elizabeth 68yr 12/04/77 Daug of Riches Dashwood of Cockley Cley, Norfolk
C8 Bacon Mary 65yr 01/10/1758 Widow of Sir Edmund Bacon of Gillingham, who died in 1721, eldest daug and coheiress of John Castell, late of this parish
C5 Bacon Nicholas 11mth 10/11/83 2nd son of Sir Edmund Bacon by Dame Ann his wife, daug of Sir William Beauchamp Proctor, late of Langley
CK1 Bacon Nicholas Henry 90thyr 01/01/1947 Baronet
CK2 Bacon Priscilla Dora 1913 *2000 Wife of Edmund
CM2 Bacon Thomas Walter 1863 *1950 Husb of Edith
NB1 Banham Benjamin 64yr 15/10/18
NB3 Banham Mary 49yr 28/05/24 Wife of Benjamin
WD15 Barber Elizabeth 76yr 05/10/1853 Wife of William
WA14 Barber Elizabeth Ann 19yr 30/07/1867 Granddaughter of Hannah Wright
WB34 Barber Fred 12yr 17/11/1908 Son of William & Jemima
WE14 Barber James 78yr 12/01/1829
WD13 Barber John 80yr 22/12/78
WD14 Barber William 66yr 09/02/1938
WM Barker Sidney A WW1
WC33 Barker Sidney Alan Arthur 68yr 24/04/1997 Husb, dad & G dad
WB36 Barratt Evelyn Marie 79yr 11/06/1993 Wife of Frank, mother & Gmother
WB36 Barratt Frank 84yr 16/02/1988 Husb of Evelyn, father & Gfather
SB5 Barwood Alfred 84yr 18/12/1928 Husb of Rhoda
SB4 Barwood Rhoda 79yr 07/05/1918 Wife of Alfred
CM11 Bateman Mary 82yr 18/05/96 Late of Beccles
WD4 Beane Alice Horth 3yr 3mths 08/12/1850 Daug of Francis & Hannah
WD4 Beane Elizabeth Chittleburgh 16yr 25/06/1856 Daug of Francis & Hannah
WD5 Beane Francis 67yr 09/02/1870 Husb of Hannah
WD5 Beane Hannah 67yr 16/12/1875 Wife of Francis
WE2 Beckett John 74yr 11/11/1880 Late of Hales
WE3 Beckett Mary Ann 62yr 26/08/1872 Wife of John
WC25 Beckham Charles 18yr 05/06/1836 Son of James & Mary Ann
WC24 Beckham Martha Ann 19yr 19/12/1834 Daug of James & Mary Ann
WC27 Beckham Mary Ann 46yr 19/04/1838 Wife of James
NC6 Blaza Florence 83yr 17/01/1969 Wife of George, mother
NC5 Blaza George Isaac 73yr 15/02/1987
NC6 Blaza George Wilson 39yr 05/05/1924 Husb of Florence
NC5 Blaza Margaret Jean 76yr 11/05/2000
NC5 Blaza Martin Wilson 72yr 10/08/1992
N2 Blome Mary 30/02/1686 Late wife of Hobart Blome, Gent
SI4 Bloomfield Hannah 70yr 26/07/1898 Wife of Joseph
SWC9 Bonfellow Elizabeth 87yr 05/01/1857 Wife of James
SWC5 Bonfellow George 7yr 20/01/1770 Son of Robt & Susanna
SWC8 Bonfellow James 62yr 11/01/1843
SG2 Bonfellow Lydia 44yr 07/08/175? Wife of Robert
SWC4 Bonfellow Mary 22yr 16/07/1798
SWC2 Bonfellow Robert 80yr 07/11/16
SWC3 Bonfellow Robert 69yr 27/01/12 Husb of Susannah
SG3 Bonfellow Robert 75yr 10/02/1766
SWC3 Bonfellow Susanna 72yr 27/11/1813 Wife of Robert
SG4 Borrett Ann 88yr 04/05/1820 Wife of Robert Bonfellow
SWE2 Bowgin Elizabet 3yr 27/03/1783
NA9 Buck Arthur Charles 16yr 14/05/1921 Son of E S & S Buck
NG5 Buck Frederick George 38yr 06/01/1946
NG5 Buck Mary Ann 72yr 01/03/1952
NG5 Buck William C 89yr 25/02/1962
C12 Castell Ann 21yr 02/03/97 Wife of Roger Castell (Jun?) & daug of Richard Gardiner, of Cransford, Suffolk
C15 Castell Ann 53yr 26/12/1724 Wife of Roger Castell, one of daug of John Pells of Cransford
C4 Castell Avis 54yr 01/??/1715
C1 Castell Elinor 09/11/48 Late wife of Tallomach Castell of Raningham, one of daug of Sir William Degray, late of Merton, Norfolk
C11 Castell Elizabeth 73yr 08/04/71 Spinster, daug & coheiress of John Castell, late of this Parish & Avis his wife
C10 Castell John 72ndyr 17/11/35 Esq
C6 Castell Mary 82ndyr 23/06/166? Wife of Roger & 2nd daug of Sir Lyonel Tallemach, late of Helmingham, Suffolk
C7 Castell Roger 86thyr 17/01/08 Youngest son of Roger Castell Esq, of Raveningham & Mary his wife (C6). Eminent for his loyalty to Charles 1 having served him faithfully in the Civil War. Left 2 sons, John & Roger
C9 Castell Roger 03/09/44 2nd son of John Castell, brother & heir to Nicholas Castell Esq, left issue 4 sons, Tallamach, Nichollas, John & Roger, & 2 daug Frances & Mary
C2 Castle Francis 63yr 24/02/1614 Wife of John, Daug of Thomas Plater of Sotterly, Suffolk
C2 Castle John L L B Revd. 44yr 16/04/93 Husb of Francis, by whom he had issue, 4 sons Nicholas, Roger, John & Thomas, 3 daug Elizabeth, Dorothie & Beatrice
C14 Castle Roger 63yr 27/08/34 Late of Raveningham
CF4 Catchpole Kathleen Peggy ??/04/1916 ??/07/1997 Wife of Raymong, mother & G Mother
CF4 Catchpole Raymond Varvel ??/09/1907 ??/12/1980 Husb of Kathleen,Father & Gfather
WE7 Chaplin Charlotte 60yr 27/03/1888 Wife of Samuel
WE7 Chaplin Samuel 76yr 02/01/1900 Husb of Charlotte
NC8 Chaston Eliza 80yr 14/03/1917
NC7 Chaston James 72yr 06/11/1912
WM Chaston Thomas WW1
NA4 Church Emma 29yr 04/12/1900 Wife of Henry
WM Clutten Allan M WW1
ND1 Clutten Charles 79yr 20/07/1926 Husb of Emma Clara
NG2 Clutten Charles Thomas 77yr 05/04/1966 Husb of Harriet
CF3 Clutten Elsie Lilian 1893 *1977 Wife of Richard
ND2 Clutten Emma Clara 61yr 07/10/1924 Wife of Charles
NG2 Clutten Harriet 49yr 10/07/1935 Wife of Charles
CG1 Clutten Muriel May 40yr 04/12/1959 Wife of Richard
CF3 Clutten Richard George 1891 *1971 Husband of Elsie
CG1 Clutten Richard William Allan 73yr 28/01/1992 Wife of Muriel
SB3 Clutten Robert James 08/??/1892 27/??/1982 Infant Son of Charles & Emma
WA31 Coombes Ethel 14/11/1918
N4 Cooper Elizabeth 68yr 18/01/06 Wife of Robert, Gent
N6 Cooper Priscilla 23/11/75 Wife of Thomas
N3 Cooper Robert 02/08/80 Gent
NH2 Copeman Annie Margaret 52yr 19/07/1948 Wife of George
WM Copeman Geoffrey G T WW2
NH2 Copeman George 81yr 06/09/1970 Husb of Annie
SA1 Cossey John 64yr 13/10/1918
SA1 Cossey John 59yr 13/02/84
SA1 Cossey John Hubert 18mth 21/09/1883
SA1 Cossey Sarah Ann 90yr 28/09/1914
CL1 Crewdson Albinia Joane 1897 *1997
WA12 Crisp Charles 59yr 09/08/1882 Husb of Maria
WA13 Crisp Esther 69yr 30/01/1929
WA10 Crisp George 69yr 14/10/1922
WD18 Crisp John Infant 24/07/1831
NG7 Crisp John Thomas 89yr 08/02/1948
WA12 Crisp Maria 66yr 25/03/1888 Wife of Charles
WA10 Crisp Robert 32yr 08/11/1883 Son of Charles & Maria
WA34 Cuddon Elizabeth 81yr 12/10/1911
WA33 Cuddon James 76yr 12/09/1903
NI2 Denny Bertha 20yr 25/07/20 4th daug of William & Ruth (a mother)
NI3 Denny Charles ?/?/1801 13/09/28 3rd son of William & Ruth
CK5 Denny Charles 22yr 23/03/86 Son of John & Elizabeth
CJ2 Denny Daniel 11yr 09/11/07 Son of James & Mary
CI6 Denny Elizabeth 27yr 18/10/52 Wife of John
CI8 Denny Elizabeth 44yr 13/12/36 Wife of James
CK5 Denny Elizabeth 52yr 03/01/89 Wife of John
NJ3 Denny Emily Ruth ?/?/1811 31/10/26 Youngest daug of William & Ruth
CI7 Denny James 63rdyr 15/09/47
CJ4 Denny James 62ndyr 17/02/21 Eldest son of James & Mary
CJ5 Denny James 85thyr 05/05/07 Husb of Mary
CI5 Denny John 64yr 11/??/1772
CJ3 Denny John 68yr 12/10/?? Formerly of this parish, son of James & Mary
CK3 Denny John 65yr 20/04/99
NJ1 Denny Martha ?/?/1805 03/12/17 3rd daug of William & Ruth
NJ2 Denny Mary ?/?/1800 15/01/25 Eldest daug of William & Ruth
CJ5 Denny Mary 37thyr 08/06/96 Wife of James, eldest daug of John Fisher of this parish
CK5 Denny Mary 19yr 17/04/88 Daug of John & Elizabeth
CJ1 Denny Ruth 33yr 30/04/30 Wife of William
CI9 Denny Thomas 24yr 20/06/49 Son of James & Elizabeth
NI1 Denny William 77yr 02/09/17
WD17 Downing John 55yr 28/04/1834
WD16 Downing Sarah 8?yr 16/05/1862 Wife of John
WB30 Driver William 6mth 11/09/1834 Infant son of Adam & Mary
CC4 Duffield Ethel May 58yr 11/07/1965 wife & mother
WD3 Easter Elizabeth 67yr 18/05/49 Wife of James
WD3 Easter James 55yr 19/03/35 Husb of Elizabeth
NB12 Ebbage Herbert William 1899 *1983 Husb of Margery
NB12 Ebbage Margery Alice 1907 2003 Wife of Herbert
WB37 Edwards Benjiman John 57yr 05/02/1983 Husb, dad & G dad
WM Everson Stanley WW1
CA12 Farrow Edmund 28/22/1849 15/02/1921
CA12 Farrow Edmund G B 21/03/89 08/08/1917 Killed in action, interred at Messines Belgium
WM Farrow Edmund G B WW1
CA12 Farrow Frederick Gourlay 28/10/51 23/01/1940
CA12 Farrow Martha A R 01/08/46 31/03/1929
SWA1 Fenn Edward 57yr 09/11/1889 Husb of Sarah Ann
N4 Ferrier Elizabeth 82yr 11/10/71 Granddaug of Robert & Elizabeth Cooper
SWD3 Fisher Elizabeth 02/03/1796 Wife of John
SWD3 Fisher John 67yr 03/09/1768 Husb of Elizabeth
SWD3 Fisher John 90yr 20/08/1835 Son of John & Elizabeth
WD9 Flaxman Maria 13mths 01/03/1841 Daug of Robert & Hannah
CB4 Forder John 81styr 14/04/01
SWB4 Foster Hamilton Walter Noel 74yr 19/10/1998
WC6 Francis William 60yr 11/08/1866 Late bailiff to Sir Edmund Bacon
WD12 Frost Caroline 63yr 08/05/1876 Wife of George
WD6 Frost Clement 9mths 03/06/1842 Son of George & Caroline
WE13 Frost Emma 51yr 15/07/1887 Wife of John
WD10 Frost George 49yr 23/02/1861
WD11 Frost James 55yr 10/12/1873 Husb of Maria
SB7 Fuller John 91yr 05/04/1858
SB6 Fuller Mary 72yr 25/11/1855 Wife of John
NF6 Galley Catherine 74yr 31/05/1939 Wife of William
NF6 Galley William 74yr 24/12/1936 Husb of Catherine
SG5 Garwood John 9yr 09/08/1834 Daug of John & Mary Ann
SG6 Garwood Mary Ann 31yr 26/07/1828 Wife of John, of Thurlton, daug of George & Mary Shardalow
WA21 Godbold Ernest Henry 41yr 13/05/1914 Husb of Ellen
WA25 Godbold Henry 68yr 10/11/1915 Husb of Mary Ann
WA25 Godbold Mary Ann 63yr 24/11/1909 Wife of Henry
CE4 Gooch Harry John 80yr 13/05/1991 Husb of Stella
CE4 Gooch Stella 74yr 21/12/1986 Wife of Harry
WM Goodrum Sidney G WW1
NH3 Gray Alice Elizabeth 73yr 21/12/1952
NF7 Gray Charles 67yr 17/10/1941
WB38 Gray Edward James 90yr 02/12/1992 Husb of Martha
WB38 Gray Martha Lucy 85yr 26/02/1982 Wife of Edward
NE2 Grice Agatha 69yr 02/02/1926 Wife of Philip
SD5 Grice Emily 67yr 19/09/1891 Wife of William
SWB3 Grice Ethel Emily Elizabeth 86yr 24/12/1984 Wife of Leonard (Lennie)
SWB3 Grice Leonard Charles 72yr 18/07/1970 Husb of Ethel
NE2 Grice Philip 71yr 04/04/1927 Husb of Agatha
SD4 Grice Rebecca 92yr 04/08/1871 Wife of William
SWB3 Grice Walter L F 77yr 05/06/2003
SD4 Grice William 75yr 09/05/1861 Husb of Rebecca
SD5 Grice William 64yr 06/10/1884 Husb of Emily
WB9 Hardy Richard Robert 52yr 15/07/1924 Husb Kate
CA11 Harrod Michael 82yr 13/03/26 70yr servant to family of Castell Bacon Esq. Stone erected by Sir Edmund Bacon Bart.
SC11 Harrod Susanna 96yr 23/02/1827 Wife of William
SC11 Harrod William 85yr 10/01/1828 Husb of Susanna
WC5 Hatcher Richard 50yr 10/08/1830
CM8 Havell Robert Uncle to ye wife of John
WB35 Hayward John 1932 *1979
CA12 Hemmant Martha Olive 11/01/83 26/01/1973
CA12 Hemmant Olive Frederica 21/05/1919 13/12/2005
Urn Hodge Edward 32yr ??/06/1815 Major in 7th Hussars, killed at Battle of Waterloo. Son-in-law of Edmund Bacon.
SWE1 Howlett Emma 65yr 22/10/1905 Wife of Thomas
SWE1 Howlett Thomas 74yr 12/01/1917 Husb of Emma
NA6 Jenkerson Henry 36yr 21/08/1905 Husb of Clara
NA6 Jenkerson Mary 7yr 31/10/1905 Daug of Clar & Henry
NF8 Jermy Gertrude 69yr 16/01/1937
NG8 Jermy John 78yr 29/04/1949
SC4 Johnson Lily Lucy 21yr 30/03/1909 Daug of Benjamin & Mary Ann
SC4 Johnson Robert William 11yr 23/04/1893 Son of Benjamin & Mary Ann
C13 Kerrich Susanna 27yr 08/09/32 Wife of Simon Kerrich of Harleston, daug of Roger & Ann Castell
CB1 Kettle John 94yr 19/04/22 Husb of Sarah
NF2 Land Arthur Willam 53yr 23/06/1936 Husb of Emily
NF2 Land Emily 44yr 19/03/1930 Wife of Arthur
CD2 Larter Anna Jane 67yr 16/07/1956 Wife of Henry, mother
CD2 Larter Henry 87yr 18/04/1974 Husb of Anna, father
WA3 Last Marianne West 19yr 26/04/1850 Daughter, only child of Marianne & Samuel
WA3 Last Samuel 92yr 11/06/1867 Husb of Marianne
WA3 Last (nee West) Marianne 65yr 28/02/1856 Wife of Samuel (of Beccles), mother of Marianne, daug of Thomas & Elizabeth West
WB23 Leach Frances 95yr 25/04/1909 Wife of Francis
WB23 Leach Francis 85yr 11/01/1898 Husb of Frances
WB18 Leach Harry 19yr 11mth 11/08/1873 Son of Francis & Frances
WC20 Leech Alfred 10yr 01/02/1865 Youngest son of Francis & Frances
WC20 Leech Charles 20yr 18/02/1866 3rd son of Francis & Frances
WC20 Leech George 22yr 08/03/1863 2nd son of Francis & frances
WC18 Leech James 18yr 11/02/1866 Son of Francis & Frances
WC18 Leech Mary Ann 22yr 08/10/1865 Daug of Francis & Frances
CD6 Love Charles A 81yr 28/01/1958
CD6 Love Laura 80yr 27/11/1967
NE10 McGregor Christian 12/01/69 10/04/1940
NE10 McGregor Mary Ann 61yr 04/07/1932 Nannie for 45yr in the Family of Nicholas & Constance Bacon
CD5 Mears Elizabeth 92yr 04/07/1965
WC10 Mears Rebecca 47yr 01/11/1895 Wife of William
NC2 Mendham Annie Louisa 56yr 27/12/1916 Wife of John
NC3 Mendham Constance 90yr 04/07/1982
NC2 Mendham John 74yr 24/12/1930 Husb of Annie
NC3 Mendham Stanley Thomas 86yr 06/02/1974
SC2 Mickleburgh Ann 32yr 20/03/23 Wife of John
SWC6 Oswald Lydia 38yr 19/03/1827 Wife of Willam;Dau of Robt & Susanna Bonfellow
N5 Penn Elizabeth 68yr 16/03/22 Wife of John
N5 Penn John L L B Revd. 31/07/1744 20/08/1814 43yr officiating Minister of this Parish & of Norton Subcourse. Husb of Elizabeth
WB2 Piller Ann 2yr 7mth 24/10/1833 Daug of Jacob & Jane
WB1 Piller Jacob 67yr 04/01/1863 Clerk of this parish for 46yrs
WB2 Piller Jane 35yr 31/07/1834 Wife of Jacob, Mother of Ann
WB3 Piller Robert 7mth 09/04/18??
CE5 Playford Amelia 88yr 28/01/1971
NC13 Playford Constance Mary 75yr 24/02/1997 Wife of Reginald
CE5 Playford Frederick George 83yr 15/02/1968
NM1 Playford Frederick John 71yr 12/10/2005 Husb, Dad, G dad
CE6 Playford Gladys Margaret 85yr 07/12/2001
WM Playford John WW1
NC13 Playford Reginald Mark 71yr 28/12/1984 Husb of Constance
CE6 Playford William Frank 84yr 03/02/1996
WC40 Randlesome Dorothy 67yr 06/08/1975 Wife of Harry
WC40 Randlesome Harry 74yr 10/08/1982 Husb of Dorothy
SB9 Read Eliza 72yr 14/03/1896 Wife of Robert Russell Read
SB8 Read Isaac 13yr 24/12/1879 Son of Robert R & Eliza
SB11 Read Joseph Valentine 42yr 31/12/1906 Son of Robert R & Eliza
WE4 Read Mabel Annie Infant 13/09/1872 Died at Beccles Daug of Herbert & Matilda
SB10 Read Robert Russell 89yr 10/12/1912 Husb of Eliza
ND6 Riches Edith Rose 81yr 16/05/1953 Wife of George
ND6 Riches George 56yr 28/08/1924 Husb of Edith
WM Rush Frederick WW1
SE2 Salmon Anne 36yr 06/12/1780 Wife of William
SE4 Salmon James 27yr 26/01/1814
SE5 Salmon Kinnberry 74yr 08/12/1826 Wife of William
SE3 Salmon William 67yr 22/09/1808
SE6 Salmon William 18yr 28/06/1831
WM Sampson Frederick WW1
NC12 Saunders George Raymond 11yr 24/11/1924 Only son of George & Mabel
SG8 Shardalow George 80yr 26/07/1846
SG9 Shardalow George 71yr 15/05/1866 Husb of Lois
SG9 Shardalow Lois 61yr 20/08/1867 Wife of George
SG7 Shardalow Mary 76yr 09/08/1832 Wife of George
CD3 Slater Brian Richard 59yr 18/04/1999 Husb & Dad
SE11 Smith Hannah 75yr 05/10/1887 Wife of Simon
SE11 Smith John 24yr 13/08/1879 Son of Simon & Hannah who drowned in Grimsby Dock. Interred in Grimsby
NC9 Smith Robert 64thyr 12/02/1915 Husb of Mary Ann
SE11 Smith Simon 75yr 07/12/1883 Husb of Hannah
WB13 Smith William 67yr 06/08/1863 Husb of Maria
NF4 Soanes Beatrice Ellen 87yr 01/01/1979 Wife of Francis
NF4 Soanes Francis George 42yr 30/04/1934 Husb of Beatrice
CH1 Spalding Harry John 84yr 22/05/1974 Husb of Rose
CH1 Spalding Rose 74yr 26/09/1964 Wife of Harry
WM Sparrow Charles WW1
ND7 Sparrow George 57yr 06/11/1914 Husb of Harriet
WM Sparrow George WW1
ND7 Sparrow Harriet Elizabeth 75yr 02/06/1929
WM Sparrow Henry WW1
WC7 Spurgeon Ann 21yr 12/03/1858 Wife of William
NC3 Suffolk Ernest Sydney 1882 *1969
NC3 Suffolk Marjorie nee Mendham 1890 *1985
SG11 Sutton Lewin Charles 59yr 03/03/1901
SG10 Sutton Lewin Maria 48yr 05/03/1890 Wife of Charles
NG6 Todd Arthur Willam 21/11/1966 In NG5 Kerbing
CI3 Towler Ann 75yr 10/03/25
CI2 Towler Margaret ??/??/1778
CI3 Towler William 59yr 18/07/90 Gent, of Hales, suddenly departed this life, much regretted by relations & friends
CH6 Unreadable Margaret 44yr 15/12/96 Wife of John Alexander, late of Loddon, youngest daug of John Denny late of Hales
SF8 Ward Eliza 56yr 11/01/1887 Daug in law, wife of James son of James & Sarah
SWF1 Ward James 57yr 20/08/1846 Husb of Martha
SWF3 Ward James 73yr 06/12/1830
SWG3 Ward James 74yr 10/12/1908
SF8 Ward James 36yr 01/02/1842 Husb of Sarah
SWE4 Ward Jessy Willby 85yr 03/05/1840 Wife of Samuel
SWG4 Ward John Robert 71yr 12/03/1934
SWF1 Ward Martha 80yr 11/07/1885 Wife of James
SWF2 Ward Mary Ann 19yr 18/08/1843 Grandaughter of Rebekah
SWF2 Ward Rebekah 89yr 12/10/1855 Wife of James
SWE5 Ward Samuel 70yr 05/11/1827
SWG2 Ward Sarah 55yr 11/05/1858 Wife of John
SF8 Ward Sarah 30yr 15/08/1838 Wife of James
SWF4 Ward Thomas 38yr 14/04/1830
CF1 Warnes Arthur Robert 74yr 07/05/1958 Husb of Maria
NB10 Warnes Ernest Edward 87yr 24/10/1962 Husb of Rosanna
NG3 Warnes Harriet 69yr 15/11/1942 Wife of Walter
CF1 Warnes Maria 82yr 10/04/1969 Wife of Arthur
NB10 Warnes Rosanna 79yr 04/06/1955 Wife of Ernest
NG3 Warnes Walter Charles 77yr 29/02/1944 Husb of Harriet
WC23 Webster Charles 21yr 23/03/1828 Killed in a fight/dual..inscription on stone
WA5 West Elizabeth 79yr 18/07/1851 Wife of Thomas
WA6 West Mary Ann 42yr 10/03/1856 Wife of Thomas
WA5 West Thomas 86yr 25/03/1857 Husb of Elizabeth
WA6 West Thomas 65yr 14/01/1852 Husb of Mary Ann, only son of Thomas & Elizabeth
WD27 White Ann 68yr 23/06/1887 Wife of Charles
WD25 White Caroline 27yr 02/08/1866 Wife of William
WD27 White Charles 85thyr 06/06/1898 Husb of Ann
WD27 White Charles Infant 28/10/1860 Son of Charles & Ann
WD24 White Hannah 8mths 23/11/1832 Daug John & Mary
WB10 White John 82yr 21/11/1883 Husb of Mary
WB10 White Mary 78yr 15/11/1886 Wife of John
WB12 White Robert 26yr 03/07/1871 Father of Robert
WB12 White Robert Infant 23/06/1871 Infant son of Robert
WB11 White Samuel 77yr 19/08/1881 Clerk of this parish
WD25 White William 79yr 31/05/1915 Husb Caroline
SC13 Wigg James 81yr 04/04/1881 Husb Sarah
SC13 Wigg Sarah 78yr 27/07/1887 Wife of James
WA14 Wright Hannah 80yr 18/06/1864 Grandmother of Elizabeth Barber