Sisland - St Mary's churchyard survey

Churchyard surveyed 2006

Click Sisland - St Mary's for a sketch map of the churchyard which shows the approximate position of the graves.

Understanding the grave referencing system - e.g. 5aB19
5a denotes graveyard area (this may be a single character). B denotes row within the area (always in upper case) 19 denotes grave number along the row.

Grave Reference
(see map)
Surname Forename(s) Age or
Birth date
Date of
Relationship / Notes
EE6 Batchelder Elizabeth 66yr 08/06/57
EF2 Batchelder Esther 18yr 09/01/1800 daughter of John & Elizabeth
EF4 Batchelder Hannah Harman 35yr 11/06/1813
EE1 Batchelder James 24yr
EE3 Batchelder James 33yr? 27/07/19
EF3 Batchelder John *1810
EE1 Batchelder Matthew 85yr 06/03/1779
EG2 Blunderfield Ann 05/03/40 01/01/1933 wife of Henry
EG2 Blunderfield Henry Page 02/08/35 23/04/1918 husband of Ann
EG2 Blunderfield Isabella Norah 10/04/98 12/04/98 granddaughter of Henry & ann
EG3 Blunderfield Mabel *1932 granddaughter of Henry?
EG1 Blunderfield William Edward Page 7mnth 13/04/75 son of Henry & Ann
ED15 Branch Harriet 66yr 30/10/74
ED15 Branch William *1861
EC1 C(hittock) E(dward) 86yr 09/06/26
WB2 Carver Ernest William 83yr 20/07/1959 husband of Kate
WB2 Carver Kate 84yr 14/10/1961 wife of Ernest
WC18 Carver William Geoffrey 78yr 31/05/1983
EA14 Clarke Catherine 20yr 16/04/33 daughter of Osmund & Mary Clarke
EA13 Clarke Mary 85yr 26/12/64 (second) wife of Osmund Clarke
EA15 Clarke Osmund Edmund 75yr 01/02/34 husband of Mary
WB3 Cook George William 82yr 23/02/1982 husband of Rhoda
WB3 Cook Rhoda Kate 89yr 24/04/2000 wife of George
EE9 Corne Lily 70yr 09/12/1968 wife of Sydney
EE9 Corne Sydney Edward 85yr 05/10/1982 husband of Lily
EG10 Crickmore Robert 47yr ?Jan 1876 of Loddon Ingloss
EF5 Crowe Catherine 51yr 16/09/26 wife of William Crowe
EE13 Curtis Albert Robert 89yr 09/03/1968 husband of Betsy
EE13 Curtis Betsy 92yr 04/03/1981
EE12 Curtis Jack 52yr 11/07/1967
WA4 Doubleday Elizabeth 54yr 21/12/1938
WD11 Dowson Constance Evelyn 87yr 16/11/1996
WD11 Dowson Morris Arnot 85yr 15/09/2001
EE10 Drake Mary Eleanor 10/02/71 09/04/1952 eldest daughter of John Hotson of Long Stratton and widow of Rev Walter Drake, rector of Stratton St Michael
WD4 Eaglen Edward (SGT/PLT 23yr Feb-43 son of Theresa
WD5 Edwards Francis 7yr Jul-47 grandson of William, tragically drowned
WD5 Edwards William "Paddy" 89yr Feb-47 a soldier and gentleman
WD4 Fairhead Theresa 96yr 23/02/1992 mother
EF13 Feltham Jonathan 04/06/20 07/07/78
EF13 Feltham Mary Ann 19/03/23 21/10/87
EG12 Francis John 44yr 16/04/1882 husband of Sarah
EF11 Gilbert Basil Graham 20/12/1950
EG13 Gilbert Edward Basil Graham 80yr 14/04/1954 husband of Mary
EG13 Gilbert Edward Graham 04/03/1919 05/01/1999 husband of Eunice, father of Pauline & Alison, brother of Elizabeth
EG13 Gilbert Elizabeth M G 09/01/1918 17/03/1991 born in Sisland Rectory, sister of Edward Graham
EG13 Gilbert Mary Bevan 60yr 21/09/1950 wife of Edward
EF11 Gilbert Michael John 17/12/1973 son of Basil & Peggy
EF11 Gilbert Peggy Mary 13/09/1984
WE5 Glasspoole George 83yr 05/12/1965
WE5 Glasspoole Rosa May 86yr 27/08/1964
WA10 Goff Elizabeth Pleys 70yr 20/10/1906 wife of Johnson Goff of Mundham
WA10 Goff Johnson 78yr 06/03/1908 husband of Elizabeth
EE15 Gowing Martha 55yr 16/03/66 wife of John Gowing
WC2 Greenway Gertrude Elizabeth Louise 1920 *1999
WC8 Haylock Ethel May 80yr 08/03/1965
WD8 Haylock Frederick John 73yr 03/08/1982 husband & father
WC10 Haylock Gladys Ivy 72yr 06/01/1983
WC3 Haylock Harry Frank 96yr 10/03/2006
WC10 Haylock Jack Victor 66yr 03/12/1980 husband of Gladys
WC9 Haylock John 87yr 25/12/1965
EG15 Hemmant Frederick Scrimshaw 25/06/1903 28/07/1990 dear uncle
EG14 Hemmant Letty Ellen 82yr 06/01/1951 wife of William of Bergh Apton
EG14 Hemmant William Scrimshaw 72yr 29/03/1951
EF1 Hobson Harriette 28/03/55 19/07/55
EF1 Hobson Helen 06/03/50 16/03/50
WC4 Holden Mary Ann 74yr 10/12/1945 wife of William
WC4 Holden William 82yr 21/06/1942 husband of Mary Ann
EA1 Huggins Ann 64yr 01/09/1801
EE11 Johnston Charles Arthur 27yr 23/12/1918 husband of Hannah
EE11 Johnston Hannah Harman 88yr 26/06/1980 wife of Charles
EH5 Kiddle Alfred George 21yr 22/03/1916 son of Catherine, killed in France
EH6 Kiddle Bertie Joseph 69yr 16/12/1959
EH5 Kiddle Catherine Esther 42yr 06/06/1916 wife of Joseph W Kiddle
EH8 Kiddle John Michael Nelson 01/10/1910 17/06/1996
EG7 Kiddle Joseph 67yr 1892-01-01
EG8 Kiddle Mary 74yr 31/03/83 wife of Joseph, native of Cheshire
EH7 Kiddle Thomas 61yr 01/07/1970
EF10 Larke John 66yr
EF9 Larke Robert 11/03/1801
WC15 Leathers Fanny 88yr 06/05/1962 wife of Leonard
WC16 Leathers Herbert Claude 68yr 05/09/1975 husband of Mary
WC15 Leathers Kathleen Fanny 83yr 16/05/1995
WC15 Leathers Leonard James 03/06/72 22/04/1945 husband of Fanny
WC16 Leathers Mary Elizabeth 81yr 18/07/1990 wife of Herbert
WA6 Lodge John 42yr 10/03/1854 husband of Mary Anne Lucy
WA6 Lodge Mary Anne Lucy 35yr 19/03/47 amiable & beloved wife of John Lodge, d. of Willm Gillett, Gent. Of Halvergate
WD6 Payne Annie Emmeline 79yr 28/10/1989 wife of Edward, mother & grandmother
WD6 Payne Edward George 85yr 03/07/1995 husband of Annie, father & grandfather
EC11 Plow William 4yr 11/08/24 son of Richard & Caroline
EB9 Press Edward 07/08/26 17/08/26 son of David & Elizabeth Press
EH9 Rope Maureen Rachel 22/08/1938 21/02/1997
WD9 Smith Frank 79yr 18/02/1985 husband of Gladys
WD9 Smith Gladys Mildred 84yr 15/08/1999 (nee Genlloud) wife of Frank
EG4 Spalding Hephzibah 77yr 20/09/77 wife of John
EG4 Spalding John 72yr 09/06/73 40yrs clerk of this parish
EG6 Spalding Mary 70yr 19/01/1894 wife of Nelson
EG5 Spalding Nelson 56yr 14/03/1885 husband of Mary
WC5 Thurston Alderman 75yr 07/05/1926 Husband of Elizabeth WC6
WC6 Thurston Elizabeth 87yr 18/04/1938
WA7 Tibbenham Edward 78yr 16/05/1895
WA8 Tibbenham Elizabeth 73yr 07/12/18(50) wife of Robert
WA8 Tibbenham George 31yr 20/03/12 son of Robert & Elizabeth
WA8 Tibbenham Robert 83yr 08/05/18(53) Husband of Elizabeth
WA9 Tibbenham William C 24yr 18/09/1872 son of Edward & Elizabeth Tibbenham of Sisland
EB1 Unknown *1743
EE2 Unknown Martha
EE2 Unknown Sarah *1773
EG11 Walpole Charles 80yr 19/12/97
WD10 Ward Mabel Phyllis (Sue) 83yr 29/03/2006
WC11 Williams Alice Gwendolin *1899 *1976 wife of Beresford, & mother
WC11 Williams Beresford L 42yr 04/05/1937 husband of Alice
ED9 Wright Anthony Infant son
ED6 Wright Charles Thomas 20yr 27/04/1908 son
ED9 Wright James 25yr 09/06/23
ED10 Wright Robert 28yr 1847-06-01 son of James & Margaret